Ai Fintech Innovators: Making Finance A Frontier for Everyone

In the recent years world of finance, has gone through various innovation and profound transformation by the advancements in AI. Traditional financial institutions are facing competition from companies – AI Finance Startups. AI the game-changer offering innovative solutions to both consumers and businesses. These ventures are using the power of AI to manage our money, … Read more →

The Many Uses and Importance of Fintech in Today’s World

For centuries, traditional banks have dominated the world of finance. However, those days are over since there is a new breed of financial services that emerged, leveraging fintech in various innovative ways. Financial technology (Fintech) is a service or program that exists outside of the traditional banking system. A common aspect about these new financial … Read more →

How much is the UK saving for retirement: fintech company reveals all

Fintech company, True Potential, highlights in their infographic below, that we add an average of £325 to our private pension pots each month — but which UK locations are best at saving? True Potential is so-called robo adviser, providing DIY investment portfolios. The company has developed an app that lets you effectively manage your investments … Read more →