How To Set Up The Best Podcast Studio At Home

The pandemic has seen a boom in podcasts – both new ones, and new series’ of old and loved podcasts. Many have found their work looks different now, and podcasts are an interesting new medium to find work in. Others have experienced having more time off than ever and discovered making podcasts as a great … Read more →

Tips To Select Wireless Microphones

Analysing pros and cons of a product is essential for any purchase before selecting a brand. This concept is applicable for all items including a Wireless Microphone. But, before that, many of us would not be aware of their requirement aspects to be considered during the selection process. A microphone is used by many sorts … Read more →

Nikon introduces a new mouth watering DSLR camera: D7000

Yesterday I was working myself to come up with reasons I do not need Nikons new 55-300mm VR lens. Today I got myself a much bigger task at hand because Nikon has introduced their new D7000 camera which has everything I miss about my current D5000. I can’t really cover everything about this camera in … Read more →