POS Systems vs. Merchant Services: What’s the Difference?

In the evolving retail and e-commerce landscape, a seamless and secure payment processing system is essential for business success. Often, terms like POS (point of sale) systems and merchant services need to be clarified despite their distinct roles in the grand scheme of electronic payments.  This comprehensive guide disentangles the web of confusion, offering a … Read more →

Untapped Ways Retailers Can Use Their POS Software

POS software is a critical tool for any retailer, providing a means to track inventory, sales, and customers. However, POS software can also do much more than simply process transactions. When used to its full potential, POS software can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, help to improve operational efficiency, and even enable retailers to … Read more →

The Evolution of the POS System from Cash Register to Modern POS Systems!

The idea of a POS system erupted in 1879, with the creation of cash registers. Since then, it has gone through many technological changes to make it more efficient and quick. The point of sale (POS) system helps businesses to complete and track daily transactions. There is a vast difference between today’s POS and traditional bookkeeping systems. The advent … Read more →

Why Cloud Based POS Software Is Next Big Thing Is Retail Sector?

Cloud Based POS software are one of the most useful tools facilitating the retail sector these days. People running, restaurants, franchise-based system, fresh start-ups, & even multiplex club or theatres prefer using POS software to boost the performance of their business. This makes one wonder how a software can become an effective tool in boosting … Read more →