The Importance of Product-Market Fit in 2022

Nowadays, the world of startups and businesses is going through major changes. Swift developments are taking place. New terms and concepts are stemming up. Product-market fit is another such concept that is constantly gaining popularity. If you are not sure what exactly it refers to, this article is for you.  What is Product-Market Fit?  Product-Market … Read more →

What is Product Development? Meaning and Process

Product development can mean different things to different people. But a good understanding of what it means or should mean will help in creating successful products. We discuss in this article what the process entails, including different approaches to it. You will also learn about the different actors in the development process. Product Development Explained … Read more →

The Importance of Metrics in Product Development

There was a time when new product development was based upon a lot of best-guesses and “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” decision-making. Those days are gone. Today, thanks to powerful data collection and management platforms and sophisticated analytical tools, product development is data-driven. Collecting data is no longer an issue – but how to effectively use it can be. … Read more →