Laptop or Desktop – Which one is the Best and Why Should Choose It

by Guest Author on March 13, 2012

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Over the years, the decision many people have been faced with is to make a choice between a desktop computer and a laptop computer. Many who are not ready to spend much would decide to go for a desktop computer. But on the long run they’ll have to settle for less, considering the fact that a laptop computer provides more ease of use and portability with many other noteworthy options that the desktop is otherwise limited to.

If you are tangled in a dilemma and don’t know which one to go for in both computers, I have in this article some reasons why a laptop computer might be the best for you.


One of the many reasons people do consider a laptop computer over a desktop computer is how easy it is to be carried about. You can’t change the position of a desktop computer without having to dismantle it. The option of portability you get from a laptop computer makes it not only convenient to use at any situation, but also makes it a choice for those on camping and touring.

So if you want a computer that could be moved about wherever you are going, or one that could be used when you are on holidays far away from your home – a laptop computer would be the best option for you.

But if on the other hand, you don’t even like carrying your computer with you, you can still fare well with a desktop computer.

Extra Power

Who doesn’t like a situation whereby you can still go ahead to use your computer for hours uninterrupted even when there is a brownout? It will not only save you from losing your work, but it will also save you from embarrassment. As you know, only a laptop computer has extra power backed up in its battery. Depending on how strong your laptop computer’s battery is, some can last for as long as eight hours at a stretch while some can do for just a couple of hours.

You can choose between a computer that will allow you to use it even when there is a brownout and work conveniently and with rest of mind, or go for a computer that can make you lose your unsaved data when power goes out unexpectedly, unless of course if you are using a UPS that comes at yet an additional fee.

Easy Handling

Finally, the other thing that attracts people to choosing a laptop computer over a desktop computer is the ease of handling the laptop gives them. If you’ve used a desktop computer before, you’ll agree with me that you are not always comfortable sitting in one position for like eternity and do wish you could move you computer from one place to the other, only to see that that can’t be done considering the cluttered cables and the heavy monitor screen attached to it.

If you don’t mind your back aching you while you’re fixed to one position working on your computer – then desktop computer might be the best option for you. But for the user that cares for ease of use and being able to go around exercising the body while still at work, a laptop computer should be your choice.

Now you know a few reasons you should go for a laptop computer? Any other tips from you will be appreciated.

Guest article written by: Philips writes for a people news site that breaks gossip news in his free time and also spends time researching about the best computers of the time.

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