Why Every Blogger Needs to “Remarket” with Google Adwords

by Guest Author on January 11, 2013

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Most bloggers I meet are always searching for new methods to monetize their blog and for the most part Google Adsense is sufficient. Today I’d like to make a case for promoting your blog with Google Adwords.

Google Adwords can be a topic on its own as there are a number of advertising methods to send traffic to your blog but I will stay clear from keyword advertising or promoting via display network. Instead, I’ll introduce you to one of my favourite techniques I use to dominate with Google Adwords – “Remarketing with Google”

Can you explain “remarketing”?

In simple, remarketing occurs when you target readers who have previously visited your blog. Wouldn’t it be easier to target consumers who have already been on your site as opposed to generating fresh leads?

The remarketing feature allows you to display advertisements on Google’s display network to specifically those visitors who have landed on your blog. If you target visitors who have read your blog before, this will cut your expenditure immensely!

How to access this feature?

As this is not a how-to tutorial, I will focus on why you should be remarketing as opposed to the actual set up in Google Adwords. If you aren’t on Adwords, head over and set up an account. Once you’re in, click on Shared library -> Audiences then View

Adwords is intuitive enough to establish a main list. At this point you should clickon the Tag button to generate the code which needs to be inserted on your website. My website is on WordPress so I used a plugin to do this. If you are code savvy, you can paste the code before the closing </body> tag of your blog.

Note: The membership duration is set to 30 days which is generally acceptable assuming most bloggers post content on a few instances per week. If you require more assistance with establishing your remarketing campaign, you can check Google Help page.

How to Start Remarketing 

Assuming your code is now on your blog, you need to go to the new campaign and select the “Display Network only” option.

Now you need to go through the three steps beginning with the campaign settings. As displayed below, you need to create a campaign name, ensure you choose ‘Remarketing’ and I would choose a couple of dollars / pounds e.g. $4-6 to start things off.

As you move to step two, creating an AdGroup, you are not required to use keywords so all that is required is your remarketing list which we created earlier in this tutorial. Go ahead and insert your remarketing list, nominate an amount and give don’t forget to choose a name for the AdGroup.

The last step is to write your advertisement as displayed below:

Final Thoughts

I hope this quick overview of Google Adwords has provided a better insight of how their remarketing feature works and how a blogger with a minimal budget can help to target existing readers. All you need to do is get these readers back to your site and convince them to join your mailing list since the value is in the list.

Has anyone had experience with the remarketing feature? I’m interesting to hear your feedback.

Guest article written by: Kapil Jekishan is a passionate tech lover who specialises in gadget reviews, how-to tutorials and social media. He devotes his time to building his blog, Latestcrunchs where he applies his passion for technology in words. If you are interested in setting up a blog or to discuss technology, you can contact him by sending an email to support@latestcrunchs.com

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