How Chore Relief Connects The Community Together And Helps To Empower Local Businesses

by Guest Author on February 14, 2017

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A local community thrives when small businesses are successful and employ the local population. This supports the economy and offers people opportunities to remain in their hometowns instead of moving to big cities to earn a living. At Chore Relief, we’ve always been passionate in our support for the local community and hope to help it flourish. We believe that our services will help achieve that.

How Does Chore Relief Connect the Community?

Chore Relief is a unique and interesting platform that connects service providers to customers. If you want to get chores or small repairs done, you just need to browse through our platform and hire people. It’s a very easy to use platform but it helps bring the community together:

  • Supports Local Businesses – The professionals you hire to perform the chores are from local businesses. When you hire them, you support the local economy and help create jobs. As the demand for more service providers grows, more people will be hired to do the job. This will help the local businesses flourish.
  • Reduces the Burden of Running a Business – If you’re a small business owner, you have very little time on your hands. You need to invest most of your day in running your business to make sure it succeeds. It can be hassle to keep your business premises clean and handle small repairs. We can help by connecting you to local service providers. They will handle the clean-up and small repairs at an affordable price so you can dedicate more time to running your business.
  • Homeowners and Professionals – Homeowners and professionals have very little time for chores. Most are forced to sacrifice their weekends to keep their homes clean and carry out small repairs. This just adds to their stress and can eventually cause health problems. You can avoid the stress by hiring our service providers to handle the chores and repairs.
  • Great Platform for Providers – Service providers can reach a wider audience with the help of this platform. You can build your own customer base and receive payments quickly after the job is done. The platform is easy to use and will connect you directly to the customers.
  • Combating Automation Technology – A number of companies have started to develop technology that will limit the number of jobs humans can have. They’ve already started drone delivery, which can have a negative impact on delivery and shipping industries. We want to promote human occupation and oppose technology that doesn’t benefit hardworking people and puts them out of their jobs. Our technology utilizes the human workforce and helps them gain more revenue. Our providers offer essential services and gain support from the local clients. This creates a healthy economy that supports humans rather than replacing them with machines.

Through our platform, business owners, home owners, and professionals can gain access to honest people to complete their chores. As you can see Chore Relief helps the entire community come together and work to support one another.

Guest article written by: Tarik Khribech, Founder & CEO of ChoreRelief

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