Be Specific: Choosing a Niche Makes a Big Difference in the Success of Your Blog

by Emily on September 25, 2017

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There are about 300 million active blogs on the internet today. If you are just getting started blogging, that number might seem like a vast ocean. Once you add your blog to the mix, where will you fit in? More importantly, how will you stand out? You can start standing out quite easily if you do one thing that most bloggers fail to do: define what your blog is (or will be) about.

You’re not an expert on everything

Most people think of their blogs as a casual journal where they occasionally document their life, share their thoughts, or recommend cool things they found on the internet. That’s fine for some people who are creating the blog mostly for their family, friends, or community. But, if you are starting a blog to make money, establish a platform, and live your passion, it is crucial that you choose a niche for your blog. The reason why is because you are not an expert on everything. Most people who search for blog content are looking for expert advice or commentary. If you establish your blog around a niche, you can become an expert or thought leader in your field, and your blog can become a go-to resource for people interested in the information you provide.

Niche blogs allow you to mine a community and create an enthusiastic fan base

Niche blogs come with a built-in target audience. If your blog is about “life,” you’ll never have a clear image of the people you are writing for. You’ll never find them, and they’ll never find you. But, if your blog is about starting out as a single mother, you already know the people you’ll be writing for: single women with babies or very young children. Knowing who your target audience is gives you a launch pad to write about a multitude of issues that concern that audience. On top of that, the audience appreciates knowing that you are talking directly to them. When they find your blog, they will be likely to stay longer and to come back because you are writing about issues that concern them.

Niche blogs stand out in search results

Just like people, search bots want to know what your blog is about. If a search engine can’t tell what your blog is about, it won’t be able to categorize your blog under the right search terms, and almost no one will find it. One way to zero-in on your niche is to research keywords. Using a keyword research tool (like this one), look at the words people type in when they are looking for websites like yours. It’s a good idea to include one or two of those words in the actual title of your blog. (For example, if your blog is for new single mothers, “New Single Moms” is a great name for the blog.) Underneath the main header, include a tagline that elaborates on the purpose of the blog, and be sure to include two to three keywords in the tagline. This will further help your niche blog stand out in search engine results.

Niche blogging is the way to go if you are looking for something profitable, practical, and passion-worthy. Don’t waste time blogging about everything under the sun. Choose a niche and get started sharing your knowledge, building community, and help your readers today.

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charla September 25, 2017 at 16:44

Thanks for this article. I’ve found that selecting a niche is the best way to go for a beginner blogger. However, the domain name should be broad so that expansion is not stiffened later on when the website starts growing fast.



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