Ways Businesses Can Benefit From Having An App

by Emily on March 30, 2018

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Mobile devices can be found in a lot of pockets these days. Besides the core functionality that they have to make phone calls and send messages, they can also be used to host mobile applications. There are a lot of useful applications that one can download on their smartphone. Some are used to play music, others to take pictures, others to read books and so on. Seeing that people of all ages use mobile applications in their day to day life, business owners started wondering how a mobile application could benefit their company. A few years ago businesses from all corners of the world started migrating from the physical world to the virtual one. The process started by handing out leaflets, it continued to hang billboards and it eventually reached the online world.

While the online world is not so much of a mystery for companies anymore, most of them have websites; the app realm is not that easy to understand for everyone. It is the latest trend that every single company out there should join to see massive benefits. Below there are just a few of them.

1. Fast Access

Accessing a website requires opening a web browser, entering a URL and waiting for the site to load. However, launching an application only takes a few seconds. At the same time, while a mobile website can only load if there is an adequate connection, an application can function offline as well. It means that customers don’t have to play the waiting game when it comes to reaching their favorite products or services. On the other hand, apps are a constant reminder of your business. They increase your visibility as they are visible on the phone screen. A browser bookmark is not as effective. Therefore, this aspect builds loyalty as users have your business in front of their eyes all the time.

2. Provide More Value

Businesses are about reciprocation; a company offers a product and expects money in exchange. That’s one of the reasons why business owners try to find the best ways to increase interaction with their customers and generate more sales. Of course, they also want to provide them a sense of value that they can’t find in any other place. A mobile application can be a smart way of creating a loyalty program. Customers need to interact with a business or a product in order to collect more points. In turn, those points can be used to get great deals on products. A lot of companies make use of this reward program, but it is important to remember that it is available just for the mobile app.

3. Increase Customer Engagement

A lot of business owners, who have a mobile app for their company, claim that this tool is very effective when it comes to increasing the level of accessibility and improving the processes. Modern businesses need apps to interact and easily connect with customers. A mobile app that is user-friendly might be tempting for new users. After all, they are only spending a few minutes of their day to find out how they could benefit from using your application. Creating an application takes quite a lot of investment, but it does not matter if you’re on a tight budget. As long as you start somewhere, you can update your app on the way. Once it is made, you could try a monitoring instrument such as Instrumental Monitoring to find out more answers about the software, performance and many more.

3. Connect better with Customers

Gone are the days when customer service was mainly based on formal communication and smiles between customers and sales associates. Since more than 2 billion people have access to mobile devices, mobile apps are a true game changer when talking about customer service. The answer is very simple. First of all, a mobile app is not subject to the poor performance of mood swings. Besides that, with the help of a mobile app, you can present the same face to the customer. In fact, a lot of marketers claim that having a mobile app can improve the customer service without spending any more money. Often when your customer service is formed of people, you need to find the best professionals in the field. As that takes time, you are risking a lot and possibly losing a lot of money.

4. Increase Profits

Any business focuses on finding the best ways of growing and increasing their profits. As customer satisfaction increases – so does sales. The more interested and pleased people are with your products, the higher the chance of growing the customer demand. An important sales company was able to boost their sales by 60% after developing an app. That’s not the only relevant example in this case. Smartphones are not just a simple gadget anymore they are part of people’s life. They spend most of their day scrolling through apps, so having an app increases the chances of not only getting more customers but only boosting the sales. A clever idea of getting more customers would be by converting Android apps into iOS and vice versa.

5. Customization makes Users feel Special

Mobile apps are not only a convenient and useful product but also a great way of establishing an emotional bond that is often realized with the help of personalization. Customers feel appreciated when apps remember their settings, shopping lists or wish lists. In turn, this increases the user experience and gives them the chance to be more efficient when shopping: they don’t have to log in each time they want to purchase an item.

Last but not least, this could be a great advantage for small and midsized businesses that don’t have a lot of capital to spend on promotional campaigns. Include a social share function in your app that allows users to inform others about the amazing experience they got in your app or encourage them to review your services by offering them a discount of a nice gift.

In conclusion, having a mobile application for a business is critical in this day and age. The benefits mentioned above are a clear example that mobile apps are a necessity. 

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