Dots Gloves D200 Finally Arrived – Quick Review & Video Demo

dots_gloves_d200_iphoneThe Dots Gloves D200 that I ordered about 2 months ago, finally arrived last week. I’ve now had the chance to try them out and I even did a quick two minute video demonstration, which you can see below.

This is my 3rd post about the Dots Gloves D200 so there’s not much left to say about them, except perhaps the most important things: How comfortable they are and how they work.


I’m not a big gloves person, but I find these very comfortable to wear. The medium size was easy for me to put on, but they were a tad too big. I struggle somewhat to get my hands into the small size, but once in there, they fit really well.

In my opinion, they are a bit more slippery than hands, so please keep a tighter grip on your iPhone / iPod Touch while wearing the gloves, just to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand. It shouldn’t be a problem though, but just in case.

How They Work

Here’s the bad news. For me, they don’t work very well. It’s easier for me to control the iPhone using the tip of my nose, than with these gloves, I’m sorry to say. I really had high hopes for the D200’s.

The gloves work by creating contact between the iPhone’s capacitive touch screen and your finger inside the gloves, through a “dot” placed on three of the finger tips. I don’t know what exactly the “dot” is made of, but it doesn’t scratch your iPhone screen or anything like that, so no need to worry.

As I seemed to notice how some fabric, on the inside, got stuck between the “dot” and my finger, I contacted Dots Gloves to inquire about it. They informed me that their R&D was aware of it but I didn’t get much more information than that. I suppose, if you order a pair today, you might get one where the inside fabric (fleece) doesn’t get between your finger and the “dot”, which would make it easier to actually use the gloves to control your iPhone.

The price is $25 a pair. Currently sold-out but expected delivery during December.

7 thoughts on “Dots Gloves D200 Finally Arrived – Quick Review & Video Demo”

  1. Haha, “It’s easier for me to control the iPhone using the tip of my nose, than with these gloves, …..” That is all I wanted to know. This is simple yet straight forward…
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Using Google’s AdSense Channels – Video Tutorials #1 =-.

    • I never feel good about doing bad reviews, no matter if I paid for the product or not. But with this product, I was *hoping* for more than I *expected* but I got less in both categories. I really hope R&D have it fixed already so future gloves doesn’t suffer as mine did.

      I’m now thinking whether or not I should gift one of the pairs as a Christmas present. One of them was initially purchased for a Christmas present but maybe I should just give them as “normal gloves” and say that they might work on the iPhone too 🙂

  2. I wander if that’s another way of looking at a nose job 😉 What’s with the gloves anyway, is it because it’s cold where you are? If so how cold. When working I wear shorts all year round and it get’s to about 2C.
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    • No it’s not gloves-cold here, right now it’s 14*C outside and it probably doesn’t get colder than that for the next few months. But I’ll be travelling to North Europe for Christmas and it’s freezing up there 🙂

  3. Yeah, well that makes some sense. Well, I hope you have a great time over there. Reckon you will find a lot to blog about.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..A Recap On My Hottest Poems =-.

  4. Dear Klaus,
    It was good to read/hear and see your review.
    Now you know what they are truly like! 🙂
    .-= Ana´s last blog ..Grounding roots; Spirit Connection =-.

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