Friday Flick Find: Chase Jarvis’ 5 Tips for Exceptional Photographs

A few weeks ago in Friday Flick Find, I featured a video from Justine Ezarik, showing us how she shot a video for the Nikon Festival where you can win $100,000 by showing 140 seconds of your life as seen through the lens of a camera. Justine Ezarik is one of the three judges and so is world-known photographer Chase Jarvis.

Today’s Friday Flick Find video is an 8 minute interview by Marc Silber where Chase Jarvis shares 5 tips for exceptional photographs. I found the video while searching for exactly that, photography tips, as I last week purchased myself a Nikon D5000 which I’m trying to get the best out of 🙂

To see more to the works of Chase Jarvis, check out his website at (latest blog post: What are you going to shoot today?). You can also follow him on twitter, @chasejarvis.

Bonus info: Chase Jarvis also created an iPhone App called Best Camera.

2 thoughts on “Friday Flick Find: Chase Jarvis’ 5 Tips for Exceptional Photographs”

  1. Klaus,
    Sounds really good.
    I shall have a view in daytime when I can listen to it without waking up anyone. 🙂
    I’m still looking at buying a DSLR camera!

    • I can certainly recommend the Nikon D5000, I really like mine. But the Canon EOS 500D should be just as good. It depends on your needs and which camera is best in your hands.


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