November 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report

techpatio_november_09_visitsTechPatio has been online for just over 5 months now and that means I’ve been blogging “seriously” for 5 months. It’s once again time to have a look at the past month to see how did.

Here are the numbers:

November ’09





Visits: 3,350 2,990 4,954 1,628 803
Pageviews: 6,608 5,109 7,493 3,244 1,441
Pages/visit 1.97 1.71 1.51 1.99 1.79
Bounce rate: 65% 68% 75% 59% 71%
Avg. time on site: 02:05 01:51 01:20 02:14 01:30
New visits: 76% 76% 82% 72% 72%
Blog comments: 362 251 294 249 66
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 21% 23% 17% 22% 40%
Search engines: 35% 36% 67% 43% 33%
Referring sites: 38% 41% 16% 34% 27%
Other: 5% n/a n/a n/a n/a
Google Adsense: $6.4 $11.8 $9 $4 $1.82
Clickbank: $0 $33.41 $0 $0 $112.07
Infolinks: $1.43 $1.14 $1.98 $0.2 n/a
SocialSpark: n/a n/a $0 $3.51 n/a
Chitika: n/a $0.09 $0.42 n/a n/a
Thesis: $0 $54.12 $0 $0 n/a
ReviewMe: $10 $15 n/a n/a n/a
TOTAL: $17,.83 $115.56 $11.40 $7.71 $113.89

Conclusion: November ’09

Let’s just say, I’m glad I’m not going to buy Christmas presents based on my November earnings 🙂

I was expecting 7500 pageviews in November but came short with just 6600 pageviews. Unfortunately 1/3 of the month I was really busy (with other stuff than, so I didn’t have time to really write stuff and promote it.

Goals: December ’09

December will be another tough month for various reasons. Christmas vacation, Christmas shopping and all that family stuff going on. I’m afraid I won’t have much time to blog and promote during December as I have also revived an old hobby of mine – photography – since I recently purchased a new Nikon D5000 DSLR. I will of course be blogging a little bit about the camera and my experiences with it and why I picked the Nikon D5000 over the Canon EOS 500D (aka Rebel T1i in the US).

I hope you will all be able to enjoy the holidays with your families and don’t force yourself into blogging at the cost of your family. I know I will give low priority to TechPatio during December so I can focus on real life stuff, just for once 🙂

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts: November

This is a list of the five most viewed posts published last month.

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Other Summary & Income Reports

I’m not the only one doing this whole income report thingy, many other blogs do them too. Here’s some of the reports I’ve spotted so far. If yours is missing and you want it here, be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.

25 thoughts on “November 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report”

  1. Great work man, your income keeps going up month after month. (if you didn’t look at the affiliate income) Keep working on that traffic and things can only get better.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..November 2009 Income Report =-.

  2. Wow your clickbank sales are very good. Thanks for linking to my income post. Thanks Greg Ellison
    .-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Motorola Droid =-.

  3. Interresting read, I’m guessing youll be fine in december – everyone else has christmas all around too.
    Im a bit curious as to what was going on in september though, that month just boomed (not considering the earnings). Was it wave searches all the way back then?

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  7. Congrats – the traffic is steadily increasing, and the money will come. Remember we keep reading so many people saying that it took six months before their blog really gained traction – so the pressure is on you for the coming month. 😉

    Seriously, you’re right. It would be crazy to miss out on being with family and spending time with them, especially at this time of year. Blogging is an awful lot of fun, but Real Life is pretty important too! Thanks for the reminder that even us bloggers are human and should put real life first sometimes.
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..Of course I don’t want to go, but an ask would be nice! =-.

    • I’ll use December to try and maintain my current amount of visits and pursue my photography hobby – then return in 2010 to blow away the blogosphere 🙂

  8. Nice job with clickbank!
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Blogging Halted Here – Don’t Despair, This Is A Good Thing! =-.

  9. I think you have drive more traffic for earning more. Well all blogger should have to increase yahoo traffic, I am also trying to get traffic from yahoo.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Great list of work at home scams sites =-.

  10. It seems your overall stats are increasing although your earnings took a dip. I would suggest concentrating on income as the rest seems to be ok. I can understand that December will be tough with the parties and vacations we normally take. I have scheduled posts in advance to help me in that regard, maybe have a look at doing the same.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Serious Monday Roundup #20 =-.

    • Thanks for your suggestion George, but I don’t “need” the income as much as I need the traffic. As Chandan points out (above), more traffic = more income. Mor or less, of course. And I’m soooo not satisfied with the traffic I’m currently receiving.

      But my guest post for is finished so you’ll have it soon, I just need to find out whether or not to do it before Christmas or wait till the beginning of January.

  11. Looks like you make quite a good of money from ClickBank! and yeah, AdSense sux for tech blog 🙂
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..WordPress 2.9 Post Image Thumbnail features and more =-.

    • You’re right Michael, AdSense doesn’t pay well for tech blogs. I should probably begin to replace some of the AdSense with better things. Just don’t know what, yet….

  12. Whoa, you made some sales through clickbank. i am trying to crack that code, but it is hard. Well, i wouldn’t give up on clickbank. I would continue working hard. Congratz and I wish you goodluck.

  13. Congratulation you have $100 from click bank. what is the secret that you have good income like that,?.I Hope your you have more profit from clickbank

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