66% Of Google Users Would Use Bing – Survey Paid For By Microsoft

A survey, paid for by Microsoft, shows that if you’re a Google user and tries out Bing, there’s a 66% chance you will stick with Bing for your future Internet searching needs.

How was the study conducted? Well, 15 Google users were told not to use any other search engine than Bing, for a whole week. They didn’t know the survey was sponsored by Microsoft. Out of those 15 people, 10 of them said they would continue using Bing.

So, would anyone be interested to try out a similar experiment? We all switch to Bing instead of Google, Yahoo or whatever we’re using now, and we stick to Bing as long as we can take it. What do you say? *BING!*

Here’s one of the “I switched from Google to Bing”-videos. Find more at the Bing YouTube channel.

22 thoughts on “66% Of Google Users Would Use Bing – Survey Paid For By Microsoft”

  1. I am sure that Microsoft would be very happy if this were to come true. The sample used though does not seem to be significant enough to actually extrapolate results as such. Anyway, I do use Bing occasionally, and that is if I can not specifically find what I am looking for on Mr G’s site.

    On a side, there just might be room for Bing in the future, considering the amount of investments they are putting in. We’ll see
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    • Sure, 15 users is not even close enough to be useful – but it’s low enough for blogs to pick it up as joke and give Bing some free exposure 🙂

  2. Have you tried google’ing it on Bing? something so very wrong about that, though I cant quite put my finger on it. 😉

    • Hehe, true!

      But I would like to have Bing as a “gadget” on my iGoogle page – so I have both Google and Bing on the same page, plus my other RSS feeds etc at iGoogle. But, no Bing gadget available 🙁 BING IT!!!

      • but that page is full already, besides I already have a custom TSM search… google ofcourse. Does bing even do that btw?
        And clearly there also has to be room for my hamster on the igoogle page, if I dont feed him – who will?

  3. TSM search is pretty basic, just searches a few subsites at ibm.com and adsm.org, which I use often for TSM related stuff.

    Hamster is groovy though:
    Great for a 1 minute mental break hehe

  4. That’s interesting! The main reason I use Google instead of Bing is because I’ve been using Google all this time.

    Maybe Bing is in fact better? I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll try to use Bing for a week just like the survey for a second chance 😀
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  5. Ever since my notebook went bluescreen, I had been using Bing on my nephew’s PC. Call that a force-try ! ^^ Tried it a few days, but couldn’t control myself to switch back to Google. I just find Google to be more ‘informative’ for the results I’m looking for. Perhaps if I ever hope to look for something extra out of a link, Bing can be of some help. Until then, Google it is. ^^

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  6. sounds intresting war between google and bing in future. I try Bing after I read this article and the result, bing searh result is good. But I think i still like to use google search engine because it’s more accurate. In google, they support page rank that use for many blogger for monetize their blog. how bing idea for support blogger ?

  7. I just like the no-frills look of Google search better. When I search, that’s all I want. It is somewhat ridiculous that Bing would release a “survey” with just 15 participants. Bing is a good product, but I guess that I am just a creature of habit.
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  8. Klaus you know I have been screaming about Bing for a while now, I didn’t take the survey but if I did I would be added to the 66%. I like Bing better.
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    • That’s true, I’ve heard you whine about Bing once or twice. Just kidding 😀 I’m sure Bing is great (too). Wouldn’t mind seeing some propaganda from your side to convert Google users to Bing, could result in some interesting comment-discussions.

  9. heck no! Well, I did take a pretty incriminating photograph of a co-worker at our x-mas party this weekend, but thats besides the point…
    A week without google would be like a week without being online – at all. Not too mention not using my phone, which is mega googled by android.

  10. I actually really like Bing compared to Google. I like how their home page is pleasing and has a new and interesting thing for me to learn everyday. I kinda reminds me of CBS Sunday Morning.At the end of the show they show a nice nature picture. I really like the way Bing does images as well.

  11. Nice to know thought I would be weary of anything endorsed by Microsoft. Moreover, how good are the Bing algorithms?


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