Snow Leopard Mail Quirk: Copy/Pasting Addresses

Apple Mac Mail, iconApple’s mail program so cleverly named “Mail”, didn’t really add anything new and useful to me when I updated from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to 10.6 Snow Leopard. Sure, 64 bit is cool and might have made the application a bit snappier, but Exchange support which is the shiny new thing in Mail, is not something I use.

Apple did take something away from me though.

When you right click on a name/address to copy the e-mail address, with Leopard Mail you would have got exactly that; the e-mail address.

With Snow Leopard, what you end up with, in the clipboard, is: “Firstname Lastname <[email protected]>”.

I do a lot of copy/pasting with e-mail addresses from e-mail due to my work, when I have to look up user accounts based on their e-mail address, now I have to manually go around and removing their name as well as the < and >, before I can paste the e-mail address into my workflow.


It’s annoying they changed this. I’m sure most people are happy with this new change, but I’m not, so CMD+Z  it please, Apple 😉   (Oh, and if you’re developing Snow Leopard on Windows, then it’s CTRL+Z to undo).

Does anyone know of a workaround for this, perhaps some fancy terminal command?

UPDATE, September 17th: A solution to this problem has been found: Fixed: Copy/Pasting E-mail Address In Snow Leopard Mail.

13 thoughts on “Snow Leopard Mail Quirk: Copy/Pasting Addresses”

  1. Oh I know how you feel about it. I also upgrade mac osx to leopard snow, and it’s quite frustratting and time consuming. Wish Apple will fix that ongoing problem with future upgrade!
    .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..How To Use A Thesaurus To Find Keywords =-.

  2. I hate it as well. It’s like when I receive email in my hostgator panel. I always reply to my emails without removing the Firstname Lastname before the so I get a delivery failure mail and have to rewrite send the email again… etc.. that’s kinda unconvenient!
    .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..A New Version Of OIOPublisher Available For Download ! =-.

    • I already sent in feedback about it, you should invest 30 seconds and do the same, we can always hope that they will listen if enough people “complain” 🙂

    • Hey Benjamin, there’s a solution, check out this link:

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    • I’m glad I was able to help you 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Google Removes The Pirate Bay From Search Results =-.

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  5. That will solve lots of headache when using my MacBook. Thanks Klaus 🙂 I think I am starting to like your blog alot.

    • Yes if you’re reading the Russian version of this post, then it’s a automated translation, so I suggest switching to English if you can read English 🙂


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