September 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report (My Third Month Of Blogging)

techpatio_september_2009_visitsI’m three months into my “blogging life” and my 3rd month has been my best month so far, when looking at visits and pageviews.

I’ve also decided to start a new blog, which I call ApplePatio. Yes, you guessed it, it’s about Apple and it’s still within my ‘Patio theme (branding FTW, right?).

Read more about ApplePatio, and why I started it, by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Now let’s crunch some numbers…

September ’09



Visits: 4,954 1,628 803
Pageviews: 7,493 3,244 1,441
Pages/visit 1.51 1.99 1.79
Bounce rate: 75% 59% 71%
Avg. time on site: 01:20 02:14 01:30
New visits: 82% 72% 72%
Blog comments: 294 249 66
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 17% 22% 40%
Search engines: 67% 43% 33%
Referring sites: 16% 34% 27%
Google Adsense: $9 $4 $1.82
Clickbank: $0 $0 $112.07
Infolinks: $1.98 $0.2 n/a
SocialSpark: $0 $3.51 n/a
Chitika: $0.42 n/a n/a
TOTAL: $11.40 $7.71 $113.89

“Blog comments” are excluding pingbacks and my own comments.

Conclusion: September ’09

By looking at the traffic stats, all I can say is “whoa”. That was more than I expected, luckily I also know what caused it and by that I can also guarantee that my October stats will not be as high as September turned out. If I’m lucky, October will end with 8,000 pageviews and hopefully just break through 5,000 visits.

The reason for all my visits and pageviews in September was because of a few “killer” posts that I published shortly after Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was released. I simply wrote about my incompatibility experiences and managed to find some quick solutions or alternatives. These are the posts in question:

These posts are also the main reason for my pages/visits going down, as I provided a solution – to many people – on just the one page they ended up at. So they had no reason to stick around. People trying to get their Logitech mouse back on track probably doesn’t care too much about how my favorite e-mail marketing provider, iContact, added some cool new features, am I right?

Not much point in mentioning the income for September, just 11 bucks. I found out that the SocialSpark ads that made me enough money to buy Big Mac at McDonalds, in August, was expired throughout entire September, so that was a waste of ad space and lack of income.

I will try to find some cool Clickbank products to promote from now on, but I will do my best to research them to make sure they are proper products and not some crap (or maybe even scam), which you can stumble upon way too often when it comes to digital products. The Green DIY Energy ads you might see somewhere on the site now, seems to be a very cool product – I actually already purchased their eBook and downloaded the videos so I can find out if making my own solar panels is doable or not 🙂 I’m a tinker, so just being able to make it work is victory enough for me.

Goals: October ’09

As mentioned in the conclusion above, I think October will end at around the same as September did, traffic wise. Unless I can come up with one or two more killer posts that will attract a lot of attention, as the killer posts in September are already starting to lose most of their hotness.

Now that TechPatio is 3 months old, some more advertising options opens up, I can now get approved for certain programs. But I’m not sure if I want to go down that path, I have a feeling that the economical reward will not be worth it, compared to spending my time on writing quality articles and building my readership.

I’ll do my best to break through $10 with AdSense but that will most likely require the same amount of traffic in October like I had in September. We’ll see how it goes.

Other Summary & Income Reports

I’m not the only one doing this whole income report thingy, many other blogs do them too. Here’s some of the income reports I’ve spotted so far. If yours are missing and you want it here, be sure to drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to add it to the list.


For more information about and why I started it, follow this link please: TechPatio launches new Apple related blog:

38 thoughts on “September 2009: Blog Summary & Income Report (My Third Month Of Blogging)”

  1. Your monthly growth is very encouraging, and tremendous. You are well on your way to success. I have been kind of plateaued somewhere between 12500 and 15000 unique visits per month and have been the same for about four months. Even though I generate new content every day, I can’t seem to break this plateau that has occurred with my blog.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Dragon Blogger Blog Earnings: September 2009 =-.

    • If I can reach your 12-15k pageviews a month by the end of this year, then I will be *very* happy 🙂 If I do, then we must work together to see how we both can get above the 15k pageviews.
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..FeedBurner Changes Redirect Method to ‘301′ – Better SEO For Your Blog =-.

  2. Huge congrats, if you haven’t yet you can make some decent earnings with PayU2Blog if you aren’t doing the SocialSpark thing, I get about 1000-1500 pageviews with my personal blog and it earns about $50 – $65 per month just in PayU2Blog posts.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Dragon Blogger Blog Earnings: September 2009 =-.

    • I’m going to try out PayU2Blog now that the blog is 90 days old, then hopefully I qualify for their program.

      What’s your experience with having to take pretty much every opportunity they offer you, as Sire mentions below this comment?

  3. Thanks for the linkluv, and a word of warning with PayU2blog. Once you sign on you are pretty well agreeing to taking every opportunity they offer you, even though they may not be suited to your blog.

    As to your stats, they’re quite good, especially for the short time you’ve been online. Keep it up and in time you will see the dollars come in.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..A Step By Step Guide Of Hosting Your WordPress Blog =-.

    • I’ll be sure to read the T&C’s for PayU2Blog when I sign up. Hopefully it at some point I don’t want to use their program anymore, I can still withdraw whatever I’ve earned (if I’m above the threshold), before the close my account?

      • There is no threshold, at least not when I was a member. They usually deposit into your paypal account every week.
        .-= Sire´s last blog ..WassupBlogs Rockin September Statistics =-.

  4. Thanks for the link love. That is pretty nice on how many visitors you got this month. Keep up the great work. Greg Ellison
    .-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Rugs on my floors and office setup =-.

    • You’re welcome – just keep posting your own monthly reports and I’ll be sure to include a link to them, from my own reports 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..FeedBurner Changes Redirect Method to ‘301′ – Better SEO For Your Blog =-.

  5. i hope your starts making huge money soon.

    it takes a min of 6 month to get more be patient and later you can earn a lot.

    • I’m not sure how you can say that it takes a minimum of 6 months to get “more visitors”, as I’ve proved for 3 months in a row that it’s possible to get “more visitors”, so it’s like your statement is missing something to relate to 😀

  6. Its a good transition.. I think as long as you carry on to your momentum you and your blog would just be fine and would keep on improving..
    .-= Melvin´s last blog ..Problogger Forums Is Fine As Long As… =-.

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  8. That’s some pretty nifty stats and many thanks for mentioning my blog in your post, it is very much appreciated 😉
    .-= Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Blazing Minds Weekly Round Up – Hugh Jackman, CommentLuv, CD Baby =-.

    • You’re welcome Karen, I know for a fact that I’ve at least sent you 1 hit as a direct result of putting your link in your post, I hope you enjoyed it 😀

  9. Congrats Klaus. being only three months in the sphere and having such good numbers are encouraging to all bloggers, especially those that are just beginning. Providing good content, socializing (or networking) in my view is one of your key indicators. You have a good informative blog and you are participate and interact with bloggers. Let us see what your stats will look like in October, but my guess is, you will be surprised. Heading over to check applepatio now. Good luck
    .-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money And Get Exposure With Qondio =-.

    • Your optimism is welcome 🙂 You’re right about the whole networking thing, but it takes a lot of time so I wasn’t able to do it as much in September like I did in the two months before.

  10. Nice stats, you can see the increase as the months have gone by. Your stats are growing well 🙂

    Thanks for the link love, appreciate it.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..September 2009 Flashback Report =-.

    • They’re growing very well, I’m satisifed 🙂 Except that it sucks a bit that my killer posts last month are “time dependant” and have already lost most of their momentum, so I will need to come up with something new and exciting…

  11. Because 99% of the assignments you just have to include a keyword (no actual review) you can write just about any post and just creatively use the keyword you are provided. The ones that you do reviews on arent so bad and usually pay a little more. Heck, I have gotten 2 assignments where I was paid just to comment on a youtube video, no actual post required.

    • Hmm, sounds interesting. So if I accepted an assignment where the keyword would have been “Big Mac”, then this post would have qualified (as I mention “Big Mac”) – or would I need to put a link on those keywords too?

      It does sound easy, I’ll have to check it out for sure.

  12. If you have an assignment for the word big mac, you can do a post about anything, just include their “link code” for their keyword and it counts. Exactly, you could have just slipped Big Mac in and it would have qualified. There is just one thing to consider, you can’t install ITK tools for PayU2Blog, so no SocialSpark or PayPerPost version 3 on any PayU2Blog blogs, also they dont’ allow Kontera or LinksAds in same posts.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Dragon Blogger Breaks Under 200 RealRank =-.

    • Well, I use Infolinks so that doesn’t matter? Otherwise I can just disable infolinks for those posts.

      But not having the ITK tools .. does that mean “on the whole site”? So one would have to choose between either PayU2Blog or SocialSpark for the entire blog, not just based on posts? (I don’t think the ITK tools will work if only installed in certain posts, will have to be global on entire site).

  13. Correct, SocialSpark requires ITK tools on whole site and PayU2Blog prohibits, they have problems with IZEA, so your blog is either an IZEA blog or a PayU2Blog blog, you can use PayPerPost Version 4 though which doesn’t require ITK to list, basically they don’t want any scripts running on their posts, so anything you can disable on PayU2Blog posts usually is acceptable.

    • Aww man, how rude…. bad boy, PayU2Blog, very bad!!

      I kinda like SocialSpark, I guess if I move to PayPerPost v4 I won’t be able to transfer my SocialSpark earnings (even though it’s little, it’s still an accomplishment).

      I’ll have to see if there’s a way to disable the ITK tools on posts with PayU2Blog – in case I qualify for their program.

  14. It seems that your blog is improving. You just need some other way to monetize this.

    I am sure that you would get more this October.
    .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Hypoglycemia, the low blood threat for diabetic =-.

      • Thanks but I don’t have the money for that right now. I am using my money on buying a few things offline.
        .-= Diabetis´s last blog ..Hypoglycemia, the low blood threat for diabetic =-.

  15. Nice numbers bro and everything keeps to seem on climbing for you, keep up the great work and next month will be twice as good.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..Sunday Smash on Monday =-.

    • I believe in being optimist about stuff 🙂 But if I multiply my daily average pageviews for the 4 first days of October, then I will end up at 5000 pageviews for October which is between my September and August par.

      Guess I have to do some magic…

  16. $3 better, not bad. Keep doing your blog posts and getting traffic. Income will follow.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..OIOpublisher Review =-.

  17. Thanks for including my traffic in the post. Your traffic grows quite exponentially, which is good! All you need is just time to get more and more traffic constantly per month as your post grows 😀
    .-= Michael Aulia´s last blog ..September 2009 Traffic & Income Statistics =-.

  18. Well, what’s I can say is that I earned much less than yours during my first three months of blogging. Anyway, wish you good luck. Break 5k visitors this month. 🙂

  19. Wow! That’s a great achievement! I am way behind of that 😀 Congrats and best of luck!
    .-= Kiran´s last blog ..Beyonce’ “I am…” World Tour =-.

    • Well I don’t know exactly where you’re at, but your blog looks really nice so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before you have a blog even more popular than mine 🙂
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..How To Use Twitter To Get Through To Customer Support In A Jiffy =-.

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