GPS Tracking By LandAirSea Systems [Sponsored Post]

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gps-tracking-key-openedEverybody knows what a GPS is nowadays, probably mostly used for navigation in cars but also starting to become a popular feature inside many mobile phones, not only for finding your way from A to B, but also for geotagging the pictures you take so you can later see on a map exactly where the pictures were taken.

But there’s also a more serious side to GPS devices for consumers and that’s GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking

With a GPS you can not only track objects but also people and even animals. A popular use of GPS tracking for consumers, is in vehicles to either track teenage drivers or to keep an eye on your fancy sports car. Some insurance companies might also offer you a discount on insurance if you have GPS tracking installed in your vehicle (car, boat, motorcycle etc.).

LandAirSea is located in Woodstock, Illinois, and has been a leading provider of effective and affordable GPS tracking systems as well as software since 1994.

Besides the usual GPS products offered by most GPS manufacturers, LandAirSea also has a very cool GPS Tracking Key unit. It’s a small pocket-sized device that’s able to determine its position down to 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second.

The GPS Tracking Key unit is powered by just two AAA batteries and is great if you have something you need to track – it could even be yourself. If you go for a long run or walk and would like to save your route for later, simply plug the tracking key into the USB port of your computer when you get back, and you can have your activity displayed as a text report or overlaid on a satellite image such as Google Earth.

I always put my own GPS tracking device in the back of my car when I need to park it for longer periods of time in a “new” place, or if I hand it over to the mechanics etc., so I afterwards can see on a map where they have taken the car. For instance, an automotive body repaire once took it for a 3km long ride that wasn’t really necessary – I mean, he was just supposed to do a minor job on it. Besides, he even drove faster than what he was allowed to, on that road.

My GPS tracking device can send its location and speed via SMS to my cell phone. The mechanic had a fun look on his face when I asked him how he liked the car when he took it for a spin 🙂

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  1. The GPS Tracking Key was the first GPS device ever used as evidence in a grand jury murder trial. Very cool device!


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