The Solution To All Your Problems… Or What? Mr. Madu, African Medium

I received a business card sized advertisement in my letterbox the other day, containing only the following text:

Mr. Madu Mob: [removed]
African Medium of International Fame

Let me destroy the Problem before it destroy you
The Master of love & the Power of

Can save all your problems: Marriage, Love, Health,
Success in jobs, Relationship, Sex Problems, Exams,
Court Cases and Financial transactions in business,
Self and Family protection from bad spirits
to bring loved ones back in your life.

My work is 100% guaranteed & you get results forever
No life without problems.

funny-cat-cares-about-problemWow! How great is that – out of the blue comes this guy of International fame with the solution to all my problems (not that I have any of these problems). I wonder how he will solve court cases though, can he affect the outcome somehow…?

There’s no price tag or anything like that indicated, all I got, was the text above. I’m not going to utilize his services though, but it would have been interesting to know how much he charges to bring loved ones back into your life.

My questions to you, reader, are:

  1. Mr. Madu is of International Fame. Have you heard of him?
  2. Would you ever consider calling a medium like Mr. Madu if you have any problem you can’t deal with?
  3. Finally, if you could have him solve just ONE of your problems (for free), which problem would it be?

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5 thoughts on “The Solution To All Your Problems… Or What? Mr. Madu, African Medium”

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  2. There are so many spammers out there. I get tired cleaning so many unwanted emails. How do they ever know how to spam at first place?
    .-= Kiran´s last blog ..Orbbies: Orlando’s Rockin’ Blogs =-.

    • Well, I received this in my mail letterbox, not in my e-mail inbox 😀
      .-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..Newshosting Announces Halloween Launch for New Website & Video Series =-.

  3. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of the powerful Mr Madu (and I’m from Israel, so that would have been international fame, had he had any here). I have to say though, mediums can make TONS of money, online and offline, so as we say here “suckers don’t die, they just get replaced”.
    .-= Anne at´s last blog ..Why Do I Dofollow =-.


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