Google Search Becomes Bigger – Almost Super Sized!

Did you also reset your font-size in your browser yesterday when you noticed how the Google Search had grown in size? There’s nothing wrong with you, or me, it’s just Google changing things around.

Google writes on their official blog:

For us, search has always been our focus. And, starting today, you’ll notice on our homepage and on our search results pages, our search box is growing in size. Although this is a very simple idea and an even simpler change, we’re excited about it — because it symbolizes our focus on search and because it makes our clean, minimalist homepage even easier and more fun to use. The new, larger Google search box features larger text when you type so you can see your query more clearly. It also uses a larger text size for the suggestions below the search box, making it easier to select one of the possible refinements.

Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to make this change but I also don’t mind it, I already got used to it after just one day of use. But I’m certain there’s a lot of people out there who doesn’t like it – that’s how it usually goes when something changes, some people will always be against it.


What’s your thoughts on the “new” looks of Google?

10 thoughts on “Google Search Becomes Bigger – Almost Super Sized!”

  1. I thought there was something wrong with my computer. I tried to adjust the font, didn’t do anything. I tried in a different browser, nothing. I tried to use a different computer, same problem. Then I googled it and found out that Google actually made it bigger.

    It does not bother me, since when I search I just search from the address bar in Google Chrome. I don’t search much from the main page of Google.
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    • I do most of my searches through iGoogle myself and for some reason, they didn’t make the search box bigger there – but maybe later?

  2. hmm, is this another way of telling me that I’m becoming blind and that because I’m too lazy to get new glasses which zoom in and make things huge, or I cant be bothered to press CTRL + Scroll? I have no problem with it except I think I’m being accused along with all of the other Google users of being blind (urr no thanks guys!)
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    • Good point 🙂 I wonder why they don’t want to offer users the choice so those who wants to can still use the old search box?

  3. I thought I had mistakenly adjusted the font size, as I noticed that yesterday. I was trying to find out how to revert it back to the normal font size, when I realised that the Google page seemed a lot bigger and then I realised it must have been Google themselfs that made that change. Of course not knowing what was happening, you could see how a person might start thinking it’s on their side. I don’t mind the font size now, as I have gotten used to it.

    Thank you very much for bringing this to light. 🙂
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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought the problem was at my side. I wonder why they didn’t just put a small note somewhere or told users about it in one way or the other? Just keep it there for a few days and most users would eventually get to see it or hear it through somebody who did.

  4. I normally search straight from the toolbar on my Firefox, so I seldom go directly to Google homepage to search.

    Not a very exciting change, I’m looking forward for the new algorithm they are about to release. I tried and looks like a few of my post went to the first result heh heh
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  5. Yeah! even I experienced it. But it doesn’t really matter becaue the look is very similar and the Work too!
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  6. i like google, i always use google in daily,,
    but my PR is zero now, i don’t know what google think,,
    can you give me a tips to increase my PR again???

    • I don’t know whats wrong with your site, sorry. But it seems it’s “unranked” at the moment, so I can’t really allow a “do follow” link to your site in case google has a beef with you, then I could get in trouble too for linking to you. You might want to check the Google help to see what could cause your site to be removed or get a penalty. Could be a simple thing as link exhange, I suppose.


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