Facebook and FriendFeed Combine Power

Well, I’m certain that you’ve heard the news now that FriendFeed has been purchased by Facebook. This is working to put Facebook on the mapping for real-time search queries just like on Twitter. It sure does look like that Facebook is going after Twitter, hard-core.

The fresh real-time search will be a leap progressive for Facebook. They don’t have to search through extended complicated updates to see what is going on, but now it’ll be in clear concise organize tabs to help you bound between friends list and FriendFeeds.

This is very important because for a long time Facebook is fallen are weak Twitter in momentum. Twitter has become the only place that a lot of people go to to find up to the second news on their popular subjects. This is the way that the Cyberspace is going. Away from Google spiders that take 30 minutes to five hours to find pages, and more towards user driven search engines. I then discovered myself searching Twitter instead of Google what I want to find out something.

Now you’ll be able to jump all over the Facebook search engine just like you would with Twitter is a list of updated news reports even from someones that are not on your friends list.

To see more and more from Facebook as they bring into this new functionality that they have and I’m sure you’ll see more and more promotion of this leap forward from Facebook.

What it all comes down to though, I’m still going to use twitter at this place to ping my community that I have written new posts. I guess… have to wait a little bit longer until Facebook and FriendFeed get things up and rolled.

There’s no question about it though, this is where the Internet is going towards real-time searches because people want things faster and faster. Just look at broadband Internet and its expansion of the past 4 years. Pretty soon we’ll be beaming information from one person to another instantly.

We will just have to see how Facebook and FriendFeed contend with twitter and what routes things head in the coming. One thing’s for sure, this business plan is worth billions to both companies. Who will gain? We will see.

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11 thoughts on “Facebook and FriendFeed Combine Power”

  1. Is it a step towards twitterisation of facebook? Was it a right word? I don’t know ,but I don’t want to see facebook following twitter’s step. If you see as a normal user twitter has become a spot to promote blogger’s post…….flooded with links.
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    • I think, as part of the new facebook terms or something, that they don’t allow one to sell his status updates to others in order to prevent it from being too spammy, like twitter.

      But I also don’t think that facebook will make it too twitter-like because of all the spam, but it’s exciting to see what will happen in the next year or so.

  2. I suppose there is more tie ups going to come in the time to come.

    I am expecting Google to buy any social networking in addition to Orkut in order to curb some growing popularity.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    • I think the worst that could happen is that facebook doesn’t allow google to index all the content being created and uploaded within facebook, as it requires a facebook account in order to view it.

      I wonder what social network google might be buying… what’s big enough?

  3. It will be interesting to see how they are going to integrate the two together. Greg Ellison
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    • Definitely. I was just about to start liking friendfeed when facebook bought it. I’d much rather use friendfeed than twitter, unfortunately, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to feel the same way, since twitter is so much more popular 🙁

  4. I’ve had a Friendfeed account for a while now – but mostly don’t do anything except just let Twitter feed into it. I don’t have Facebook yet – but it appears I am the last person on earth who doesn’t, so I guess I’ll do that in the next few days. 🙂
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    • Me too, about FriendFeed… but that’s because I don’t have enough “friends” there to properly engage in conversations, which is sooo much easier to do than on twitter, because is threaded comments – kinda like with facebook status updates.

  5. I only recently really started to use Friend Feed, but I like both products so it’s a good little take over for me.
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  7. I see things like this: facebook is rather for personal use (friends, chat, sharing personal pics etc) and twitter for more targeted actions (promote a blog, brand, business etc). You find circles of people sharing your area of interest rather on Twitter than on Facebook. To put it short, i see Facebook for fun and Twitter for more serious activities.


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