Woman Arrested For Virtual Poke On Facebook

Facebook logoHave you ever poked somebody on Facebook only to have them poke back at you and you then poked again and they did the same to you and before you knew it, you were inside an endless loop?

Facebook poking is perhaps the most simple way of “communication” within Facebook, even though it’s nothing else than just a… virtual poke!

Despite that, a poke was all it took for 36 year old Shannon Jackson from Hendersonville, US, to get arrested. The reason, for her being arrested, is that the she had a protection order against her – similar to a restraining order. Using the poke feature was enough to go under the “otherwise communicating”-part of the order and hence, she violated the protection order.

She now risk a $2,500 fine and in worst case, 1 year in prison, if found guilty.

So if you have a protection order or restraining order against you, you might want to be careful with those Facebook pokes.

(via Telegraph)

5 thoughts on “Woman Arrested For Virtual Poke On Facebook”

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  2. What The Poke? Risk of paying a fine of $2,5K and getting arrested is not my “cip of poke”, if you know what I mean. Dude, where or what else are we at risk on this ever growing “virtual world”. Maybe I’ll just cool off and listen to “Poker Face” music, lol
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  3. Hah – just imagine judges and lawyers are having to keep up with our changing world now. If we say you have to stay away from someone, does that mean you can’t Facebook Poke them? LOL – yes, looks like it does.
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  4. When I first saw the headline here, I thought it said “Woman Arrested for Virtual Puke.” Now THAT would have been really weird.

    This actually makes sense to me. What would be the point of a restraining order, if someone could just turn to harrasing someone online? The bigger issue here is how all sorts of laws and scenarios will need to adapt to an online world.


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