That Apple 3x3cm Touch Display Rumor? I Know What It Is!

Now that the iPad has been been announced, launched and sold in millions, the tablet rumors have ended. But a new thing is under way, since Taiwanese site posted two photos of what seems to be a 3x3cm Apple touch sensitive display. Engadget seems believe this is real and not fake. Obviously it’s real – we’re seeing it on the pictures. The question is, what is it? Is it really something Apple’ish? If it is, what is it?

Well, if it is actually Apple, then I know exactly what this is going to be and what they’ll call it.

They’re going to call it an iWant. It’s a simple device that can be worn anyway you like, as a wrist watch, as a piece of jewellery or even be stuck to the bathroom walls or mounted on the dashboard in your car. What does iWant do? Well, it gives you instant access to the Apple Store by displaying a slideshow of all Apple products. Then all you have to do is tap on the product being showed to you on the display and Apple will automatically charge your iTunes account for your purchase and your Apple gear will be delivered to you the next day. It’s like the App Store – only with real products.

After getting the iWant, there’s no longer a need to stand in lines waiting for the next release of iPhone or iPad. Just order it from your iWant. Of course, you’ll still have to queue up to actually get the iWant

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