May 2010: Blog Summary & Income Report

Welcome to yet another edition of my monthly income & traffic reports. In these reports I try to show you what can be achieved by one person running a blog, in terms of visitors, pageviews and income from certain programs such as the widely popular Google AdSense but also MyLikes for Twitter, especially if you’ve used TweetAdder to boost your Twitter follower count. has been in the air for 11 months now and at this time I’m not sure if I want to continue with the monthly reports after the first year, maybe I should change it to quarterly reports – or maybe I should remove them completely. I haven’t decided yet, but if you have an opinion on the subject, please chime in by leaving a comment below.

Here are the numbers from the past months, including May:

May ’10

April ’10

Mar. ’10

Feb. ’10

Visits: 9,201 9,716 9,065 4,938
Pageviews: 12,889 13,707 12,437 7,588
Pages/visit 1,40 1,41 1,37 1,54
Bounce rate: 77% 77% 79% 68%
Avg. time on site: 0:56 0:56 0:50 1:03
New visits: 91% 91% 89% 82%
Blog comments: 103 135 180 152
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 12% 13% 12% 18%
Search engines: 71% 71% 67% 59%
Referring sites: 16% 15% 19% 20%
Other: 1% 1% 2% 3%
Google Adsense: $15 $8 $9 $7
MyLikes: $14 $11 $15.54 $3.07
Ebuzzing: €0 €0 €130 n/a
ReviewMe: $0 $20 $79.50 $17.50
TweetAdder: $0 $0 $2.75 $37.50
Amazon: $7 $2 $0 $11.76 $0 $0 $9.24 n/a
Sponsored Reviews: $0 $15 $20 n/a
Sponsored Tweets: $0 $0 $3.49 n/a
Direct ad sales $20 n/a n/a n/a
TOTAL: $56 $56 $242,02 $69,83

Conclusion: May ’10

A small decrease in visits and pageviews, more or less as I expected. I had a busy month and not too much time for blogging, so without updates, regular readers doesn’t come back. I did absolutely nothing to seek an income in May, taking only the opportunities that was offered to me instead of going out there looking for sponsored reviews etc. to do.

All in all I’m satisfied with the $56 for doing “almost nothing” except what I would otherwise done, blogging-wise. My hosting fee is somewhere around $20 a month (can’t really remember to be honest), so at least my hosting fees were paid and I also donated $10 to an orphanage via Springs of Hope (Kenya) as part of the Scott Kelby Old School Photo Challenge.

I’m glad to see Google AdSense finally increased more than the usual few bucks. Hopefully I can break through $20 soon. Thanks to all of my readers who click on my AdSense ads 🙂

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23 thoughts on “May 2010: Blog Summary & Income Report”

  1. Pingback: Klaus
  2. Congrats on your eanings.

    I am getting more than 15,000 page views a month but my earnings on google is just less than $10 a month.
    .-= paul | entertainment tonight´s last blog ..Melanie Brown on Dance Your Ass Off =-.

    • AdSense has a tendency to perform very different on different sites and niches. Also such simple things as increasing a sidebar banner from 120px to 160px are likely to cause an increase in clicks.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Klaus. You get a lot of search engine traffic huh. I want to say I’m glad to see your sponsored reviews income was low but of course I want to see others make mad money too. But I’m glad to see that it just wasn’t me for May who’s income from there was basically nothing. I think too many peeps take those 5 and 10 dollar opps and it just keeps looking worse over there all the time. I won’t even give those a second look most of the time unless it’s something I know I can honestly share about or have used etc… It’s a waste of time for 2.00

    My spnz tweets quadrupled and as for my likes I need to look into it a little deeper. Don’t have time for everything though. Think I should skip STweets and go to Mylikes though. Anyhow like I say thanks


    • Hi Lee,

      I usually don’t bother with the $5 opps. I might take a $10 if it’s really easy, otherwise I’d rather spend my time on writing some useful content or a quick news article 🙂 In May I didn’t really go look for opps, I won’t in June either, so I have no idea what the June income will be – I don’t expect it to be high at all.

      Yeah you really should check out MyLikes – is by far my favorite Twitter income site.

  4. Well, your stats seemed to have climbed abit. The only problem I think you have is the bounce rate, don’t worry to much as even mine is high. If you can get it lower, then it could mean more money, more loyal readers, more comments, etc.

    • Hi George,

      Yeah that’s true. But to get the bounce rate down, I would probably need to stop writing articles that attract search engine traffics only to find a solution in that particiular article 🙂 Or add a “click here to reveal the solution to the problem” and redirect them to another page – would probably boost my pageviews by at least 25%, but it would be “evil”, so I won’t do that 😀

  5. Hi Klaus,

    First, at least you’re still making money, which is always a good thing.

    Second, I gave my cash totals for a long while, then decided I was going to stop until I have a $500 month, which means that I might never make another income post again. lol Seriously, my thought was that until I’m heading upwards on a regular basis, I’d just rather not put it out there. I like talking about trying to make money, but I figure at some point I have to actually make some money so I can then tell people how I did it.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Making Posts Private =-.

    • Hi Mitch,

      Yes, you have a good point there, talking about making money requires you to actually do it yourself. I haven’t decided yet for how long I will keep the income reports showing, or if I should change to “quarterly reports” instead of monthly, for the next year or so.

  6. Made the same as last month without focusing on the money. Good job, like I said before just keep working on your blog and the money will follow.
    .-= Deneil Merritt´s last blog ..June Goals 2010 =-.

  7. Although Google Adsense is a good way to help bloggers earn more cash by blogging, I have never tried it because I think it is a little complex to wait a month for their check.
    Of course, if my blog has lots of traffic, I will try other Ad platforms to make more money.
    .-= Calking Chi´s last blog ..Choosing Web Hosting Service – 3 Factors You should Consider =-.

    • Personally I don’t mind waiting a month for the check/transfer. It’s better than waiting 3 months or never get any money 🙂 PayPal would have been nice though.

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  9. My blog with a targeted niche audience is not doing as well as yours, income wise. I don’t mind being so because it is an advocacy blog. I do earn some small change and have enough readers of what I advocate.

    • Hi Ed.

      I don’t know if an advocacy blog is more difficult to earn money from or not. It’s possible that you might need to try some different ad styles/types that your readers might react better to.

  10. Not a bad earning report at all, MyLikes is a pretty cool program and I hope to see more advertisers in the system soon. The only bad thing about MyLikes is an advertiser can pull their ad, so if you use a button/banner on your site you have to check every day to make sure the ad wasn’t pulled or you won’t be paid for clicks received after it is pulled. It has happened to some of my sponsored likes where I set it to repeat for 3 days, and the advertiser pulled the ad after day 2 and my auto tweet didn’t pay for my tweet about it on day 3.

    • Hi Justin,

      I agree – MyLike is great, but the downside is also when the advertiser pulls the ad. I only tried to do the “blog post” ad once, and it never paid anything. I don’t know if I did it wrong or nobody clicked, so ever since then, I’ve just focused on Twitter for MyLikes.

  11. Did your $7 come from Amazon affiliate sales? I have tried out Amazon but it doesn’t provide much earnings unless you have lots of traffic.

    • Yes, it’s from Amazon affiliates. I don’t really do much for Amazon except link to a few products every now and then, when I write about them. Sometimes you get lucky and people click on a product and either buys it or something else. I’m not sure for how long their affiliate tracking cookie lasts, but I seem to recall it’s only 12 hours.

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  13. My Google Adsense stats started out great this month but for the past 2 weeks, it has practically dried out. I’ll possibly be rounding up with $30 this month 😉

    Amazon doesn’t really work on my site for now as Paul Tech stated probably due to low traffic.

    P.S: Do you mind sharing how you created that table? Thanks

  14. Your ReviewMe earings aren’t to bad for Feb. I should actually start looking into that myself… hmmm

    Anywayz, thanks for the very informative post 🙂


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