Android Market: One Billion Downloads

Android has just joined in Apple’s App Store in the “>1 Billion Downloads”-club, if there was such a club. Apple’s App Store reached 3 billion downloads in in January 2010 so by now they are even more ahead, but Google and Android also seems to have a good thing going now that they’ve reached a billion downloads.

The numbers are coming from AndroLib which is a website that keeps track of apps and downloads in Android Market. However, there’s a catch, it’s not known whether or not the downloaded apps number includes app updates, which surely will have quite an effect on the overall download number.

As for apps, there’s around 100,000 apps in Android Market right now, depending on who you ask. In June, 15,000 new apps were added.

Google has yet to open up for paid apps in Android Market for all countries.

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