A Few Words On My Laptop History [Sponsored Post]

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Before I got my current Mac, I had another Mac, and a Mac before then etc. It goes on like that a few times, until I get far enough back in time to the days where I had an IBM laptop or Lenovo as they’re known as today. One of the great things about IBM/Lenovo laptops is the fact that it’s so easy to find laptop docking stations for them, compared to Mac laptops. I’m not aware of any real docking stations for Mac’s and with an IBM/Lenovo you can get real docking stations that’s simply just plug and play. Really nice for office employees.

I wouldn’t mind having a docking station though. I move my MacBook Pro twice a day, to and from office. Plugging in USB, monitor, power, headphones, firewire – every day. Life would be much easier with a Mac docking station, I just don’t know why Apple doesn’t provide one.

Anyway, back to the story of my laptop life 🙂 If I remember correctly, before my IBM laptop, I had a few Asus laptops. I don’t think I’ve ever had an Acer or Toshiba laptop, actually. Back in business school, most of the students had Toshiba laptops and during the three years of school, several of them had to replace their Toshiba laptop batteries – they just died really fast. At least batteries today seems to be more stable than they were almost 10 years ago. Imagine having to shell out $100 or so for a new battery every year. A few of us students went with a no-name laptop that was supposed to be better but as it turned out, it wasn’t. Even though the Toshiba’s had a bad battery, their performance was better. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to buy no-name stuff.

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