CISPA – The Latest Internet Enemy #1 from USA

April 9, 2012

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is quickly becoming “the new SOPA/PIPA”, though it’s not exactly the same, it does open for some of the same worries as SOPA and PIPA did. If you want to read the full text of the bill, you can do that here, or scroll to the bottom […]

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Friday Flick Find: IBM 305 RAMAC – 1956 Promo Video

September 3, 2010

Sometimes it can be a good idea to take a step back in time and see how things were done back then – also when it comes to technology, but mostly because it’s interesting to see how things used to work. The IBM 305 RAMAC might not be an iPhone killer (or is it?), but […]

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A Few Words On My Laptop History [Sponsored Post]

July 19, 2010

This is a sponsored post, paid for by ReviewMe. All views expressed in this post are mine and are not influenced by the fact that I have been paid to write this. Before I got my current Mac, I had another Mac, and a Mac before then etc. It goes on like that a few […]

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Facebook: World’s 4th Most Visited Website. Google: Brand Value $100 Billion

August 6, 2009

In just one year, Facebook has seen a phenomenal growth in the number of visits. Today there are 208 million more people visiting Facebook, than there was just a year ago. 24 million more visits last month makes Facebook the fourth most popular site in the world and the most popular site that has nothing […]

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10 Unknown Tech Heroes That You Would Not Have Been Without

July 13, 2009

You know the names Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other celebrities in the IT industry. None of these IT-celebrities would be making a name if it were not for a bunch of rather unknown tech heroes who made the really big discoveries. Swedish PC World has compiled a list of the ten largest technology heroes […]

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