The Audio Video Receiver – The Heart of Every Home Theater System

Having a good home theater means you need to have a good speaker system that allows you to hear a pin drop as well as a good video system where you can view multimedia in high definition.  In addition to a speaker and video system, you will need other components that will allow you to play multimedia programs such as a Blu-ray player, a DVD player, a game console, and possibly a freeview digital TV decoder.  However, behind every good home theater system is the Audio Video Receiver.

The Audio Video Receiver is basically an electronic component designed to amplify sound from different audio sources as well as direct video to your television from different video sources.  Inside it are a series of processors where the AV Receiver translates the digital or analog signal into a multitude of sound format, such as Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, and DTS, which is the current standard for AV Receivers.  These digital sound formats can be decoded into separate sound channels and allow a specific sound to be played on a specific speaker channel.

The most preferred method by audiophiles in creating a home theater system is by acquiring multiple multimedia components and assembling them together.  The only drawback with this method is if you are not familiar with different components and brands, you will have a hard time deciding, or worst, being led by sales people into buying low quality components.  However, if you know what you doing or know someone who can help you choose the right matching component for your system, then you will without doubt have a killer home theater system that can deliver high quality audio.

One way of having a home theater system without having to go through the trouble of assembling multiple components is by purchasing an HTIB or Home Theater in a Box.  This is a complete package where speakers, multi-channel amplifiers, Blu-ray/DVD player, are bundled together.   This is considered the most basic way you can enjoy and experience home theater without having to bother with component compatibility.

7 thoughts on “The Audio Video Receiver – The Heart of Every Home Theater System”

  1. The best thing about Home Theater in a Box is that you don’t have to worry about component compatibility. Assembling your own home theater is tiring and confusing if you’re not familiar with electronics. Purchasing HTB would definitely solve your problem and it also deliver quality video and audio.

  2. This is the best possible solution if you are not an expert or if you just want to make your life easier. It’s all-in-one type of thing and yet, it doesn’t lack in quality either.

  3. How many repro have you around you? I heard music from 8 repros with one for subwoofer and one for speaking…It was amazing. It is more better as only 4 repros in edge of the room. The power is not (IMHO)so important as count of repros.

  4. I totally agree with you Veronica once you have your own home theater there shouldn’t be a problem. can be considered as family use for any occasions.

  5. I have been wanting to upgrade to a better home sound system. Thanks for the information. This should help with my research on a new one.

  6. I have recently upgraded my home theater system and I found that speakers plays a very importance role. The audio output must need a good speaker whether you need it for home theater, office or anywhere else. Thanks for this post.


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