How to promote your self storage facility?

If you are a self storage facility, there are some affordable marketing methods out there you can do in order to promote your self storage facility.

  1. Promote your business online:  Promoting your business online starts with creating a website. Having a professional website shouldn’t be expensive. In fact you can create a professional self storage website for your business rather free.   After creating a website, you need to promote it by adding it to the search engines, online directories, and use social media and other free online marketing tools to promote your website online.
  2. Host an Event Facility From Time to Time: Sometimes you just have to get creative and do something outside the box. For example hosting a college party at your self storage facility is one of those outside the box thinking. College students tend to be among those who like to rent self storages and a college party at your self storage is a good exposure to them. But if that is too radical, there are other type of events you can host, such as charity events, and community events.
  3. Attend local events: If you can’t host a local event, you can at least attend one. Attending and possibly sponsoring local events gives a good exposure to your self storage business, and also gives it a brand and reliability when people are searching for self storage, they will remember you.
  4. Great Customer Service: Great customer service is key customer retention and great way to get returning business and referrals. So make sure your customers are happy with your service.
  5. Free Rent (or other freebies):  Much storage has good online success with first month or last month free rent type of deal.  If you can afford to give a month of free rent, it will help you get a contract.  If you can’t afford free rent, other types of freebies help as well. They can be as small as a storage “lock” or even covering for insurance.

Promoting a self storage business is not too different than other type of businesses. The main key  to success is to keep reminding people that you are there so when they do need a self storage, they know where to go.

This guest article was written by Al Sefati who’s a writer for One by One Self Storage.

8 thoughts on “How to promote your self storage facility?”

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  2. Great suggestoins on how to promte a product in general. In particuular, giving promotions that are related to your product is a great way to get people using it. In your case, giving a deal on space will get csstomers usig your storage facility and hopefully, they are impressed enough too recommend your facility to others.

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  4. Great suggestions. I just want to elaborate that when you are promoting your storage facility online, it is advisable to participate in Social Networking Sites as this has more chances of getting a successful lead compared to any other techniques.

  5. Nice tips, It’s essential to offer some freebies to your customers so that they spread the word about your company and services, always provide best services only then you can retain your existing customers and add new customers.

  6. I also believe that offering something for free in the beginning will sweeten the deal for many people looking for storage. Asvertising is the most important aspect and should be done constantly as long as the business exists.

  7. Thank you for your tips
    Well I’m still learning how to promote offline business online,till now I only promoted blogs,community and eCommerce


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