5 Instances Where Self Storage Can Help Your Business

In order to survive it is essential for all companies to streamline the business wherever possible and look to reduce overheads.  This is particularly important during the current economic climate as consumers have less to spend and competition is increased.  Here we look at five instances where the use of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]self storage[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]self storage[/tp] could be of assistance to your business.

1 – An expanding company

If you are one of the fortunate ones in that your business is continuing to expand; there will become a time when your business begins to outgrow the property in which it is located.  At this time you will be forced with relocating to a new property that is large enough to house the business.  This of course means an increase in rent for a property that is perhaps still a bit too big for the number of staff you have.  A great way of prolonging the need to move to a new property is to put some nonessential items into self storage for a period of time.  This way you can squeeze in a few more members of staff until a time when the move becomes a necessity.

2 – Storing your stock

Predicting market trends isn’t a proven science and there are many factors that can affect sales of goods.  Therefore there is always the chance that your company can find itself overstocked at certain times of the year.  As self storage is available on short term contracts it provides an obvious solution for storing your goods until stock levels fall to a more manageable level.

3 – Promotional material

It makes good business sense to try and raise the profile of your company now and then through promotional means.  This will often involve the use of promotional material such as leaflets, flyers, posters and other items.  The amount of promotional material can be quite staggering – especially when a prolonged campaign in planned.  Storing the material at your place of business can prove inconvenient and also pose a health and safety risk.  Self storage provides the perfect answer in that you have your own key to the unit and therefore can access your items as and when required.

4 – Keeping equipment

The nature of some businesses means that they have a large amount of equipment, some of which they use infrequently.  Rather than rent a business property to store their items; many are now looking to self storage due to the reduced costs and convenience it provides.  The option is becoming increasingly popular with companies that operate in the various trades, especially amongst builders, plumbers and window fitters.

5 – Document archiving

The final instance when self storage can be of benefit is for businesses that accumulate a large amount of documents.  For various legal reasons these documents will often have to be kept for a set period of time before they can be destroyed.  Storing so many documents that are never likely to be used onsite is not usually viable and an offsite storage solution is necessary.  Whilst traditional storage methods have in the past being used, self storage is now becoming more popular for document archiving.  This is because it proves more cost effective than traditional storage solutions and it is also quicker and easier to get your hands on documents in the event they are required.

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  1. Self storage is really making a buzz in the market currently. Many companies prefer such service since it’s really affordable rather than renting a property to use it has a storage room.

  2. In any businesses it’s necessary to store anything that is related to the business. You should how the proper storage is.

  3. I really don’t get the main point here , but once you have your own business, you should have a storage place for some documents that is important. we all know that backup files is really needed. one part of business, that allows companies to become more successful.

  4. Self storage is very important, but even more important and helpful is a WELL ORGANIZED self storage! As long as you don’t just make it a pile of stuff, it can be of great help to you!

  5. This concept in getting pretty famous in the business today as it is very important to keep track of your business information and records to have the idea about certain aspects of your business which are going well and which needs improvement.

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