March 2011: Blog Summary & Income Report

Good day, everybody. It’s 11th of April 2011 and it’s time for another blog summary & income report, covering the month of March, last month.

Usually I post these reports a few days into the month  but this time I’ve been busy recently, busier than ever before, so it wasn’t until now I was able to compile the report and turn it into a blog post.

So, here you go…

March ’11

Visits: 29,289
Pageviews: 37,271
Pages/visit 1.27
Bounce rate: 82%
Avg. time on site: 00:34
New visits: 93%
Traffic Sources
Direct traffic: 12%
Search engines: 54%
Referring sites: 33%
Other: 1%
Google Adsense: $74
Ebuzzing: £100
Amazon: $23
Sponsored Reviews: $60
TweetAdder $27
Sponsored Tweets: $3
Direct ads/reviews: $80
Kontera: $4
Craft & Vision: $3
TOTAL: $437

Conclusion: March ’11

Compared to February, visits are up, income is up. March is a few days longer than February as well so it has to be expected, but in general I’m satisfied.

But, it still hurts the creative side of me to see how few people are buying the amazing e-books from Craft & Vision. They are just $5 each in PDF format, so you can read them on pretty much all modern devices with a screen. If you’re a creative person, especially in the field of photography (no matter what skill level you might be on), be sure to check out the Craft & Vision ebooks.

Top 5 Most Viewed Posts: March ’11

Below you’ll find top 5 most viewed posts last month. When a post has been published doesn’t matter, it’s how many views each of them have had in the previous month. Here they are:

  1. New Cookie law might require users to “opt-in” on Danish websites
  2. HTC Desire HD vs HTC Mozart – Froyo vs WP7
  3. Funny Pictures: Google Street View Launched In Denmark
  4. Aperture 3 Performance Fix – Make Slow Aperture Run Faster
  5. EU’s Cookie Law still being chewed on – might end up requiring users to “opt-in” for browser cookies…

If you’re a blogger/webmaster – how was last month for you? Leave a comment below & get a free do-follow* link back to your site!

I reserve the right to “no-follow” links if your site is not yet indexed in Google or if your site seems questionable or just an attempt to spam. In almost all cases, a real comment from a real human being will get a do-follow link, unless you enter keywords instead of your name, which is not allowed!

19 thoughts on “March 2011: Blog Summary & Income Report”

  1. It’s nice to know you’re doing good with this blog Klaus.

    With regard to the Craft and Vision ebooks, maybe you need to reveal a few more details about these products. Perhaps, how many pages do they contain? Will my $5 get me just a 5-page ebook? Or, would I surprisingly get a 30-page ebook filled with juicy content?

    • Hi James,

      The Craft & Vision ebooks vary in size, but 25-50 pages seems to be the usual, after having looked in my ebook library. Their newly released ebook is 100 pages though, but it also comes with some Lightroom screenshots and guides, see below for link:

      • Thanks Klaus. I read your review of the ‘The Power of B&W..’. I’ll probably get myself one of these ebooks pretty soon. I’ve already got a few physical books at home, but I guess these C&V ebooks delve more into the details, which, at this stage of my learning in photography, I need most.

  2. great to see your earning buddy .. how many post did you write to earn $ 100 in Ebuzzing & $ 60 in Sponsored Reviews dude ??? i think you will help you out ..

    thanks in advance ..

  3. Nice stats for March. Although I get around the same number of visitors, my earnings are only a fraction of yours. Need to buck up I guess.

  4. You are making serious money and great that you are sharing all this info with your readers 🙂

  5. Nice! Great work. Didnt know there was a SponsoredTweet-service. Ill be sure to check that out. Do you know if it works in Sweden?

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  7. glad your stats are improving, but a Bounce rate of 82% is pretty high. You should try to improve that. I’m sure it’ll help your income quite a lot! Not sure why it’s so high, but you might want to take a closer look at your traffic sources and analyze, what it is most visitors are really looking for and make changes accordingly. It’s hard work, but it usually pays. People are not buying that ebook, because they leave your sites after just a few seconds and have no time to notice it…

  8. Thanks Klause, for sharing these valuable information about your financial. It was really a question for me to know a site’s income with high traffic. But i think your site is going up, and 30000 visitor in month is nothing for you.

  9. I’m pretty sure this month will be a bad month for my tech blog..seems like Google Panda hurts it badly (from 3,500 visitors a day to 2,000). Hope yours stay the same or even better, Klaus!

  10. Great earnings friend. And you’re earning good via direct ads. Congrats for this great blog and earnings.


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