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Do you like to play computer games? Whether online or offline, we have definitely played family games, computer games or video games at a certain point in our lives. As time passed by, these games we have played and loved are now available online for everyone to play with. However, in the earlier days, you need to purchase these games so that you can play them. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the Internet, we can now enjoy playing any game we like for free via social networking sites.

Social networking is without doubt one of the most common ways how people from all over the world can easily connect with one another. While there are some people who love to talk to others within their circle of friends online, there are those who spend most of their time playing the free games that their social network sites offer.

What are social network games anyway? A social network game is a kind of online game that is of course present in social networking sites, and these games have many distinct characteristics that are very different from traditional online games which make them naturally more interesting to play with.

There are many free online gaming sites that let you play on and on, but never give you any valuable prizes for your time. However, there is a particular site that lets you play to your heart’s content and at the same time, you will surely be generously rewarded. Just by playing, you can win money, gift cards, tokens and trophies as well as meet and interact with other gamers in their fun community!

At, you will always be entertained with their large collection of online skill games, and new games are being added frequently! You can win cash by participating at their cash games, you will get to know tips and tactics on playing, you will get to know many friendly gamers, you get to submit your high scores for everyone else to see as well as you will definitely be updated on what their top 10 and most played games are.

If you are looking for some fun online games, head over at and experience a wide array of online skill games that will surely keep you entertained and you also get to win exclusive prizes just by playing!

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11 thoughts on “Online skill games at”

  1. I’ve seen these types of websites popping up more frequently these days.
    ESPN recently launched one very similar but all of the games are sports related.

    when you say Social Networking sites, do you mean twitter/facebook etc…?
    how can you play these games through those sites?

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  3. I consider myself a member of the video game generation. And one game genre I’ve always enjoyed is real-time strategy (RTS). I wonder if games in that genre would be considered “skill” games, and if they would be found on the site…

  4. Thanks for reporting the site.
    The games in the social network are the new frontier for casual players.
    Some games that are integrated with Facebook, such as MafiaWars or Farmville, they have created millionaires gains

  5. Previously parents do not allow their kids to play online game, but now online is a part of education. Sometimes good online games upgrade knowledge of kid.

  6. Hi there,
    I have visited the online skill games website recently and must say they are doing real job there. Among the online skill games, action, adventure and board games also they have on offer even games with the gambling skills to test the casino games strategies.
    Regards. Tanya


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