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Apple amazes everyone, mainly the gizmo freaks owing to its superb features and iphone apps which are fairly easy to install. The huge demand for the iPhones arises owing to its well integrated set of applications. The free iPhone applications can be found across wide categories namely news, entertainment, utilities and social networking etc.

What makes the Apple iPhone highly attractive is that applications in all the aforesaid categories are offered conveniently in one single device. The Apple iPhone is a multipurpose phone that has interesting applications to suit all types of people. It is also an extremely useful device for travelling professionals owing to its wide range of web interactive iPhone applications. Some of the popular free applications for iPhones include the following:


Outside is a relatively new entrant into the weather apps category. It helps you by notifying the temperature of a place. Using this application, you can also set UV notification. You can also make use of the timed notification which will come in handy while checking the weather at any point of time during the day.


The iPhone’s self image app is simple and easy to use. The self image application detects your face and takes your picture after vibrating three times. However this application cannot be used to capture video. Also pictures taken in the dark or crowded places may not come out well because not all iPhones have an in built flash feature.

Brain Trainer

Lumosity Brain Trainer is a useful application that can help to enhance your cognitive abilities, including memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. You can achieve the best results by playing the brain games a few minutes every day. Players will start thinking more quickly and can improve their brain function to a great extent by using this application.

Pocket Reference

The pocket reference application of iPhone is also very useful to find answers to queries. This application creates an encyclopedia by using various website resources and you can use the search bar to find answers to your queries. You can also know the sites that are cell phone friendly using this application. This in turn can help you pick the best one for your needs.


If you worried about your excessive body weight and do not have access to physical trainers, you need not worry. You can make use of the iFitness application available on your iPhone. This application helps you to practice various fitness regimes and exercises without any assistance from their iPhones. You can find this application under the health and fitness category in the iTunes App Store. You can view the exercise you want to perform by simply clicking on the same on your iPhone.


With the Facebook application for iPhone, you can easily stay connected with your friends and share information. You can also check the latest photographs of your friends look up a telephone number or strike a conversation using Facebook Chat.

Pandora Radio

Using this application, you can stream music on your iPhone or iPad easily. You can listen to the music of your favourite composer or artist by just entering their name. It is as simple as that!


Skype is another free iPhone application using which you can receive or make calls. Using Skype, you can also receive instant messages from people all over the globe. You can save a lot on international calls by using this popular application. It is also free to call people on Skype over 3G or WiFi.

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11 thoughts on “Free Applications for iPhones”

  1. I agree that iPhone is extremely useful device for travelling professionals. Not just because iPhone have many useful applications, but it’s also because iPhone have good battery performance compare to some other Smartphone OS.

  2. Actually I don’t have got any iPhones yet, I’m using Samsung C3010s, this apps will help me when I’ll get a iPhone, but at this time I need some apps for my current one, can you provide some?

  3. I also like to have on my smart phone a song recognizer… those apps that listed to any song for a few seconds and they can tell you the name and the singer… it’s wonderful 😀 the problem with those is that they can’t (yet) filter the noise… so it must be quite when you’re doing the recognition

  4. I hear that the iPhone 4 is great. It comes video-enabled and everything (for Skype-ing, e.g.) Unfortunately, I don’t have one…yet.

  5. I’ve found that most of the best apps on the iphone are not downloadable apps at all but rather web apps, that you can either access straight from Safari or by adding a link to your home screen. Workflowy and Basecamp are both great examples of the right way to build a web app. Best of all, these work on all smartphones that support HTML 5 so nobody gets left out.

  6. I’m currently using a droid which has tons of free apps, but i’ve been debating switching to Iphone for sweet games like Words with Friends or Angry Birds

  7. I don’t have an iPhone…yet:). But I’m sure I’ll be using a lot of apps when time comes. I’m already a big fan of Brain Trainer, I’ve been playing it on my boyfriend’s iPhone. Btw of apps, I also like the Talking Tom one, for a few moments of good laugh now and then.


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