“Streamago” – new free interactive live broadcasting by Tiscali

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to share an unforgettable or interesting event you’ve experienced while outside? How nice it would be to be able to easily and instantly share it the minute you catch it on video!

Introducing Streamago, powered by Tiscali, the latest free interactive social networking iPhone application that makes live broadcasting possible.

What you would only need is a PC with a webcam as well as an Internet connection. You will never need to download and install any program because through Streamago’s broadcast console, you can easily forward your own channel on video footage, make titles and subtitles, and set up a dedicated chat in order to collect and reply to all your follower’s comments in real time – all these in just under a few seconds.

Streamago enables each and every user to easily create and quickly share real-time live events with family, friends or just about everyone in the world. It’s very much like you’re the one delivering the hottest news and the latest events on your own TV channel. Categories that are currently available for viewing at Streamago include news, music, sports, entertainment, games, education, spirituality, pets and animals, general, politics, gossip and arts.

Streamago is available also as an application for the iPod touch, the iPhone and the iPad 2. With the use of the iPhone 4, streaming begins immediately, everything works out quickly, and the saved videos are directly viewable by everyone.

With the broadcast console on your PC and smartphone, you can also choose to record the live event and then transmit it at a later time. Each and every Streamago user can utilize 10GB worth of disk space.

There are times that even in our usual daily lives, we get to witness some things that are out of the ordinary or just simply too good to let it pass by without any video taken about it. However, we are but ordinary citizens. With the help of Streamago, you now have the chance to express yourself and at the same time, be of service to your fellowmen by reporting things happening around your neighborhood, city or province.

Are you the shy type and you’re just satisfied with following other people’s channels? Don’t worry, Streamago absolutely welcomes you too! Streamago may be composed of mainly a community of 24/7 live video makers, but it is the followers that also makes each video worth creating in the first place. Should you like to follow a Streamago member’s channel, simply click the Follow tab below their image and be updated on the most enjoyable and interesting video and channels.

Now that Streamago is integrated with Facebook, you can publish the channel straight to your personal page whenever you want to as well as you can easily and instantly notify your friends and family at the start of the transmission. For those who are already Facebook members, you can easily connect to Streamago by just using your Facebook account. Like Streamago on Facebook.

Try Streamago today, follow someone’s channel or better yet, see if you would like to open up your very own channel and leave a comment below to tell us about your experiences with Streamago!

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  1. W Democracy! Not only could Streamago give us new social-networking tool, but it could become the springboard for a new style of unbiased, unedited live journalism.
    Useful tool for my web Tv.


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