The Advantages of Using JavaScript Slideshows Instead of Flash Slideshows

Many people who are looking for a way how to present their content in a fun and interesting manner typically turn to using slideshows for their websites.  If you are always using a flash slideshow to present your website content, then you should try using a JavaScript slideshow instead as it is more concise, faster and it simplifies the creation of slideshow animations.

The following are some of the most common advantages you get when you use a JavaScript slideshow:

» JavaScript slideshows need only a small amount of bandwidth.  It is because JavaScript libraries have a tendency to be very small in size and are greatly optimized for speed.

» JavaScript slideshows are very compatible with browsers such as the iPhone, iPad, PS3 and many other modern cellular phones available in the market.

» JavaScript slideshows are absolutely not proprietary.  There are hundreds of free code snippets that are easily available for you to creatively customize your JavaScript solution.

» A JavaScript slideshow does not need to download all of the images completely before the slideshow can actually start.

» With a little bit of training, the elements of a Javascript slideshow can be modified quickly and easily.

» The images and content present within a JavaScript slideshow are fully visible to any search engine and thus can be appropriately tagged for search engine optimization purposes.

9 thoughts on “The Advantages of Using JavaScript Slideshows Instead of Flash Slideshows”

  1. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, JavaScript is also easier to modify after it’s created. I think it’s only advisable to use flash if you’re making a complex animation and multimedia.

  2. I never tried using Javascript before, but somebody told me that this software will allow us to create our own game,Can you please tell me if I can download this software.

  3. People should really stop using flash on websites. I think javascript is a much better solution to lend so dynamics to a site in comparison to flash.

  4. While I agree its better than flash, SEO and Javascript are not super friendly together. You can also use CSS which I found to be much more SEO friendly.

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  6. JavaScript is supported by many mainstream browsers so more people prefer to see java script slides first as compared to the flash slides and flash slides take more time to load than javascript slides.

  7. JavaScript slideshow does not require downloading the images before it will start to display. JavaScript slideshow is easy to create and modify. JavaScript slideshows are safe than flash slideshows.


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