Top iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Lose Weight

Living with abnormal body weight is no less than a curse. In addition, if you find it difficult to lose weight in this technology-based world, you are certainly living under the rocks. If you can afford the much-acclaimed iPhone, you can add fuel to your weight loss efforts. There are innumerable applications designed for the handset that can help you shed pounds in effective ways. Learn about the top iPhone weight loss applications in different categories the people around the world are taking advantage of.

MyNetDiary – Track Your Fitness

What could be better than following the guidelines of American Dietetic Association to plan safe weight loss diets? MyNetDiary is a popular iPhone application that can help you customize your routine diets on the basis of personal calorie requirements. Evaluate whatever you eat and maintain progress charts for the daily dieting goals. Both free and paid subscriptions options are available.

Wellness4One – Manage Your Workout Data

The iPhone application helps to maintain and manage the workout routines and logs on the internet. You can create your workout and fitness related goals, edit them at any point of time and view them while exercising at gym. Progress reports can also be maintained with the help of wellness4one’s official website. Calorie counting and fitness routine management has been made easy with the application.

Daily Calorie Calculator – Calculate the Calorie Intake

A simple and attractive iPhone application, Daily Calorie Calculator makes it easy to calculate the calorie intake on daily basis. The significant aspect of the application is that it takes into account various attributes like gender, age, weight, height and workout levels before making calorie recommendations. The application can seriously contribute towards one’s weight loss campaign by allowing the consumption of necessary calories only.

Lose It! – Watch Your Foods

How about having knowledge of the number of calories present in each and every item you consume? You will be amazed by how this application allows creating and following a full weight management plan and that too for free. Going further, you can set realistic goals to lose a particular amount of weight within a fixed time period. Enter your body stats and weight loss goal and the application will keep you updated about your progress via emails.

Pret-a-Yoga – Have a Private Yoga Instructor

If you have never felt comfortable working out at gym or yoga classes, the application can be your personal exercising instructor. Learn and practice some of the most valuable yoga positions with the application to burn the calories and attain the right shape. Follow the images and the audio instructions at the convenient home environment to achieve some good advantages of yoga.

Digifit – Monitor Your Heart Activities

While engaged in exercising techniques like biking and running, it is important to note keep an eye on the heart rate so that the most important organ of your body plays the right role in your weight loss efforts. Digifit is another popular iPhone application that helps in monitoring the heart rate effectively. At the same time, the application also keeps the track of the number of calories burnt on the regular basis.

Apart from these apps, if you wish, you can try out some of the most popular weight loss products as well. You don’t need to pay the full price either as numerous discount coupons codes are available throughout the internet such as weight watchers voucher codes and Bistro md promo code.

With an iPhone in hand, you just can’t give the excuse of not being able to plan and follow the weight loss plans. The handset with various useful applications can help you in this direction in every possible manner.

Guest article written by: Christofer. Apart from occasionally writing for TechPatio, Christofer regularly contributes to a coupon blog as well. He likes to share his thoughts with his readers, so, if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to respond through your comments.

9 thoughts on “Top iPhone Apps That Can Help You to Lose Weight”

  1. Hi Christofer,
    You are so right, there are a thousand things we can do to help ourselves loose weight now. I have the “Daily Calorie Calculator” app and it is great. But after reading this post, I think I’ll give “Lose it” a try. Every little bit helps!

  2. I’ve used LoseIt! for about a year, and it’s really the most useful weight-loss app for phones. It helped me to lose 10kg-s in 5months, that’s really nice for me!

  3. Lose It is the app that I used for a very long time on my iPhone. My favorite weight loss app is Noom but unfortunately it is available only for Android.

  4. I agree with the other guys about Loseit! this is the App that has helped me the most out of all of them in terms of weight loss. Its just easy there in front on you where every you are,the iphone has really changed the way I live for the better in general anyway.

  5. Great list of apps to lose weight. I didn’t realize some of them exist until I read your article. Going to try some of them. 🙂

    You can try the Libra – Weight Manager app, to keep track of your weight, analyze it on a chart, set a goal and check how long does it need to reach it. Not sure if it’s available on Apple though.

  6. Great collection! I wish I found these after the holidays when there were a few pounds to drop. For the ladies these might prove to be very useful.

  7. I’m thinking about creating a cool app like LoseIt…what would you like to see that app do that is missing in the weight loss apps you have used?

    Does MyNetDiary, Wellness4One, Daily Calorie Calculator, Lose It!, etc help you lose weight or do they inform you and keep you motivated?

  8. Useful list of iPhone applications. Besides losing weight today there have been developed lots of iPhone applications which have touched almost every field of life and that is what that put iPhone ahead than other players. Many of us today suffer from over weight problem and these iPhone applications could be very useful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great post! Thank you for the insightful article. I would like to add a little bit more information that among so many lifestyles based on diets and fashion habits, there is ‘Noom’, a unique course that uses psychological behavior and small short-term goals to help lose weight and not regain it in the future.


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