How to wipe files, individual files, multiple drives permanently in Mac?

The article refers to permanent deletion of those most super important files that a user don’t want to be recovered later even by the means of a powerful data recovery software by anyone. To make it more precise it is quite obvious that a Mac user looking for such features may not be general users like me and you. He may be dealing with plenty of confidential data including records of transactions of customers, credit-card details, inventory management, data holding private information regarding a country’s security etc. I would also like to share an interesting fact where most of the famous security agencies of many countries make use of the software and wiping algorithms to clean a hard drive completely so it may not land in wrong hands after usage.

“Take an organization for example who needs to replace their several aging hard drives with the new ones. And, to make sure the data is not only deleted but permanently wiped from the sectors of a hard drive, it is quite necessary for the organization to select an advanced version of the software which guarantees of securely wiping off the private data with ease and quickly.”

But there are several other strong points which help even a general user to take the benefit of a powerful wiping software for Mac:

1. Wiping the Internet Activity: Internet users are often fed up by the accumulation of their personal browsing activities and they want to get rid off it asap. Among the activities which draw the need of wiping tool are the temporary internet files, website cookies, website history over months and form values.

2. Wipe Chat history of various messengers:These days we use number of chat messenger for chatting which keeps on saving our private chat in their history. Now the user has an option to get rid from several chat messengers even if the chat history remains on.

3. To wipe Mac free spaces: Are free spaces actually free? No, because some of the free spaces are still occupied with traces and left-overs of previous installed software, files and folders. What Wiping tool do is clear those left-overs from the free spaces and makes drive more cleaner  and safer to use.

4. Wipes file even individual files/folders: If you don’t want to run the wiping process on the entire hard drive, instead chose to wipe few files only. The wiping software does that smarty by selecting multiple files from the OS X and shredding them away.

5. Drive Wipe (Single & Multiple both): Both general users as well as advanced technical users can benefit from the feature which assures the wiping confidential data from every sector of the hard drive and logical volumes, even from multiple hard drives.

6. Even Wipe Locked Files: OS X gives authority to lock a file which prevent others to access the data other than the user itself. With a wiping software now, even locked files can be targeted for permanent deletion.

So, you may not think of owning a Mac file wipe utility with you, however if the situation of wiping your confidential files arises then you know ‘[tp lang=”en” only=”y”]why you need a wiping tool for Mac[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]why you need a wiping tool for Mac[/tp]’.

Guest article written by: Vishal is a part of dedicated team working on various Mac utilities.

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  1. I can understand the necessity of such software, as there are cases in which we need to delete files permanently from our computers.

  2. Truly awesome software. Rightly there are the situations when things become mandatory for us to delete everything permanently and this is where such software can help us to make job easy. Thanks for sharing such helpful wiping software which make us able to clean the hard disc permanently.

  3. i had never used mac will referre it to mu friends too which are using mac hope it will help them really enjoyed the read and something new to know

  4. I have been trying to add new operating system , maybe i will apply this methods to remove all the spyware and virus


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