Two Hidden Dangers of Using Computers All Day Long and How to Solve Them

In this day and age of technological advancements, most of us typically have a computer or laptop at home.  While most people use them mainly for browsing the web, communicating with their loved ones, shopping online, or playing games, there are those who primarily use them for work.

For those who work on their computer or laptop for long hours, they would surely suffer from eye strain, back pain, neck pain, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you want to avoid these ailments, you need to be aware of the ergonomics of computer/laptop usage.  What is ergonomics, you ask?  Ergonomics studies the best possible ways human beings can interact with technology.

Naturally, office workers or individuals who work from home are the main victims of physical ailments (such as back pain) while doing their tasks in front of the computer. There are actually two hidden dangers that contribute to back pain associated with working in front of the computer:

HIDDEN DANGER #1:  Your workstation setup

The setup of your workstation (whether in the office or at home) can either be your spine’s best friend or its worst enemy.  Let’s put it this way – you spend as much as 8 to 10 hours in one area only.  This type of repetitive trauma can really take a toll on your body especially if you are putting too much stress on your muscles and joints.  With proper ergonomics, you can actually gain a strong back and save yourself from the potential danger of needing spinal surgery.


There is no one-size-fits-all kind of workstation.  Your workspace must be customized for you and the type of work that you perform daily.  For instance, someone who spends most of his time on the computer must have a different setup than someone who spends most of his time drawing or writing.  Individuals who are always using computers must focus on monitor height and distance, screen brightness, and even font sizes to make sure that they are neither straining their necks forward nor squinting their eyes just to see clearly.  An architect or artist, on the other hand, can be best served with a desk that is on an inclined position, with a magnifying glass attached to it.  This helps him sketch and draw easily without straining his arms, neck and back.

HIDDEN DANGER #2:  Sitting for long periods of time

In reality, sitting with a poor posture puts more pressure on your lower spine than standing or lying down; therefore, you need to avoid sitting for long periods of time (most especially in one position).  Try to get up every hour or two, and walk around for a few minutes.  If getting out of your chair is not an option, then move your hips in a circular manner for around 30 seconds, switch directions and repeat.


Your seat must have lumbar support and must be adjusted to a proper height (not too low, not too high, but just right for your height).  A chair that is too high can cause you to always slouch and stoop down, whereas a chair that is too low can put unnecessary tension on your shoulders and arms, which can ultimately spread to your upper back and even cause you a headache.

How to Effectively Prevent Back Pain while Working on Your Computer

How to really prevent back pain while working on your computer? It’s simple, just invest on good-quality office furniture that will not only help you prevent back pain problems, but will also be long-lasting, versatile and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Not certain how much high-quality office furniture is going to cost you? Why not take a look at prices from The Furniture Market?  They offer many different types of office furniture such as desks and chairs that you will surely love to have.

Most people believe that those who do manual labor (such as lifting and carrying) are most prone to having back problems, but according to an article from BBC, office workers or those who work for long hours in front of the computer are more prone to back problems than those who do manual labor.

Simply put, if you are one those who use a computer all day long without moving too much, getting an ergonomic desk and chair will significantly save you from the potential dangers of many different (and often serious) physical ailments, most especially back pain. Just keep in mind that spending a few bucks is worth more than having to spend for medical treatments for your ailing back or worse, a surgical operation for your spine.

7 thoughts on “Two Hidden Dangers of Using Computers All Day Long and How to Solve Them”

  1. When you think about how long you spend in front of a computer everyday, you realise that getting the correct office chair is even more important.

  2. This is one of the biggest issues of the modern society. In order to protect my health, I take regular breaks and do lots of exercises.

  3. I can totally relate to this post. I am a guy who works long hours in front of the computer and I know how it can take its toll on my back. That is why I do a lot of core workouts aside from doing the tips you shared here.

  4. The best solution to avoid such problems is to leave your work station every 2 hours and take a walk for few minutes. This not only fresh your mind but also relax your body.

  5. I work for all day long in front of the computer and I know that it’s not so good for my back and my health . That is why thanks for the tips you’ve shared there!

  6. i myself use my laptop for day long and this is one of the biggest issues of the modern society.
    In order to protect my health, I take regular breaks and do lots of exercises.

  7. Many among us are stuck with a very fast paced lifestyle and have hectic work schedules. Lack of proper posture, workload, minimal exercise, stress are reasons that take a toll on our health. I have always complained about back pain and have been taking medication and doing yoga to alleviate pain. My chiropractor has advised to use better posture while sitting and standing to help relax the lower back muscles.


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