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Oracle has moved on since the news ‘Charles Phillips Resigns as President of Oracle’. The company is taking advantage of its three recent acquisitions building a better platform for businesses to grab the attention of their customers through social media. The new [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]SRM software[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]SRM software[/tp] from the company allows businesses to track their customers on a daily basis. The SRM suite is built on acquisitions of Involver, Collective Intellect and Virtue.

The company also announced plans for the future of Java platform at the 2012 JavaOne keynote. The company confirmed that the plans related to Java SE 8 are moving ahead, and the roadmap has been revised, with the expected release in late 2013. JavaFX 8 will be released as a part of Oracle’s JDK (Java Development Kit) 8 implementation and is going to be the default UI kit for the SE 8.

The next version of Oracle’s database will be coming out next year. The next edition of the database may be called 12c, with the ‘c’ standing for the cloud. The key feature of 12c is multitenancy, which will enable uses to create multiple ‘pluggable’ databases which can be kept in a single database container. The new database will also make much more efficient use of hardware resources, which will save businesses money.

Infor, on the other hand, has been making acquisitions as well. It recently acquired its long-term channel partner Group Laurier. The company has shifted the focus on micro-verticals. There are about 13 micro-verticals in their radar at the moment, which includes high-tech, fashion, aerospace and automotive. They want to go out and say these micro-verticals don’t need consultants, they can get started today.

SaaS is also a key area of growth for Infor. The company already has million subscribers in the cloud. The advantage is that Infor can do hybrid deployments. People will prefer to be in the cloud at some locations, but they want the premise to be at the headquarters at the same time. This is where the company provides a solution.

The company is also focusing on the upgrade center on the cloud and is planning to retire products that have evolved and are no longer necessary. Infor can take advantage of its huge installed base to double the cloud business.

Both companies are making big moves. Along with SAP, both Infor and Oracle look to grab hold of the cloud computing business and pave clear paths into the future.


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  1. I am not really sure whether all these changes are for good. For example, I was a huge fan of OpenOffice now acquired by Oracle. There has not been any update since the change. Iy was the official office package for Ubuntu on all old releases and now they have Libre Office.

  2. Thank you for the up date.I have been waiting from a long time to know more about 12c release and it`s features.Finally,i was able to find it here.Once again thank you for the use full post.


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