Back to School with Picture Collage Maker Giveaway

PearlMountain is running its annual Back-to-School giveaway of Picture Collage Maker which originally costs $29.90 as FREE gift to all people. Picture Collage Maker is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. It allows people to create Yearbook, wall collage, scrapbook, poster, keepsake and any other photo-related artworks. Every individual has the chance to access the marvelous free gift by visiting its promotional page before August 28, 2012.

Picture Collage Maker is a fun and easy to use collage generator which can create stunning photo collages from any set of images. With just a few clicks, one can customize keepsakes, collages, scrapbooks, posters,wall collage in a matter of seconds. Unlike photography software that takes days to master, this powerful collage generator is suitable for everyone.

Not entirely happy moments in holiday can be remembered by a good memory, but it can be recorded by albums or keepsakes with personal vacation photos. With Picture Collage Maker, people can customize albums and keepsakes freely as well as design fabulous wall collages. For college students, they can use Picture Collage Maker to design a Yearbook to commemorate the bitterness and happiness in the past semester of school. In addition, Picture Collage Maker makes the process of good completion of fine art work easier.

In this peak month for back to school, it is a good chance to get a powerful but free photo collage software. Never miss it. In addition, PearlMountain will launch a full line of discounted products promotion with this coupon code: PM30CP, 30% off.

Key Features of Picture Collage Maker:

  • Numerous templates about different styles, and various occasions included.
  • Customize photos with powerful editing features.
  • Decorate photos with text or a handful of diverse embellishments: clipart, frame, mask, etc.
  • Export collage as different image formats or print it out directly.

Special offer: The giveaway of Picture Collage Maker is valid before August 28.


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