My favorite Sony Cyber-shot™ digital cameras at the moment

Today I would like to introduce you to my favorite non-DSLR camera brand: Sony.My first encounter with Sony’s digital cameras was a few years ago when I purchased the Sony HX5V. It was pretty good and had some really great features. Since then HX5V is now obsolete because technology moves fast, but I’ve been told that their HX20V is a really great replacement and upgrade for the HX5V.

Personally though, I went a step further and upgraded to Sony’s NEX series, which is an interchangeable lens system. These cameras are bigger though, but not as big as DSLR’s.

Interesting fact: Every minute, 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

Nowadays, you can go even smaller than the NEX series, if you want, and still get great quality. For example, Sony’s professional compact range offers a full frame 35mm sensor in the DSC-RX1 package. Let me say that again, a full frame 35mm sensor. That’s amazing in such a small camera body. It’s the same size sensor you see in big Nikon D800’s and Canon 1D’s and so on.

If we move down the price ladder to something more people would probably find interesting, you will find cameras such as the Cyber-shot™  HX20V which I mentioned above. Did you know it had a built-in GPS recorder so it knows where you have taken every photo, so you can easily have them displayed on a map? It also has 20x zoom, which is a lot, really a lot, not to mention a very reasonable 18.2 megapixel sensor with support for Full HD video shooting.

Interesting fact: Nowadays, every 2 minutes Americans snap as may pictures as the whole humanity took in the 1800’s. (Source: National Geographic)

Then there’s also the slim and stylish Sony TX20 which is ultra-slim, tough and waterproofed. It shoots 3D images and also has Full HD and comes with a 16.2 megapixel sensor which I’d say is about minimum today, it’s still fine and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a great camera today even if it had “only” 16 megapixels, as long as it was good megapixels.

I could go on and on about cameras until every reader out there falls asleep, but I’ll stop here since I just wanted this article to be a short introduction to three different styled cameras in the Sony line of digital cameras, so now you have 3 cameras for which you can research even further. The RX1 if you’re into a huge and amazing full frame sensor, the HX20V if you’re a general shooter who requires good quality and features and finally the TX20 if you’re more into “slim and stylish” and wants to shoot underwater as well.

Now it’s your turn, go check out Sony’s Cyber-shot™ digital cameras and find the one that suits you the best!

Oh, I have one more interesting fact for you as well:

250 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook. (Source: Search Engine Jounral).

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2 thoughts on “My favorite Sony Cyber-shot™ digital cameras at the moment”

  1. Seems like some of these cameras would make for great holiday present ideas. I know many people don’t use cameras these days due to phone cameras. However, a good camera has many advantages over a phone camera.

  2. “250 million photos are uploaded every day on Facebook. (Source: Search Engine Jounral).”…..Now that’s huuuuuggggeeeee. Frankly, i see amateur digital camera dying a slow death with smartphones having cameras with over 10 megapixels.


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