Useful little app will help you pack

Time for a presentation of a smart little iPhone and iPad app, that could come in extremely handy before your next vacation: Packing Lists.

Instead of tormenting your brain with hundreds of things you absolutely must not forget, the next time you are preparing for vacation, you only need to remember one thing – to open the app Packing Lists.

Packing Lists will help you remember all the things that normally takes up about 95% of your memory before leaving home. It will make sure you don’t forget to secure your house or to empty your refrigiator, just as it will help you remember to pack the necessary clothes, medical stuff, electronics and so on.

This simple but nifty little app comes pre-filled with more than 120 items and 6 categories, that will be useful to consider when packing. And because people are as different as vacations, you can edit all the created packing lists, just as you can save, edit, copy and reuse older lists.

Vacation should be de-stressing – not the opposite. That should also be the case when preparing and packing for your vacation. We think Packing Lists can help you achieve this.

Packing Lists has already helped thousands of Scandinavians pack, and has in return received lots of great reviews. Now it is also available in a lot of ther languages such as English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Grab your copy of Packing Lists here:


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4 thoughts on “Useful little app will help you pack”

  1. wow thanks for this sir, will definitely try this out, been looking for articles like this for so long, really informative, again thanks for sharing

  2. Never knew of this app already. Definitely it’s so helpful pack for the iPhone and iPad users. Thanks again for the download link.

  3. Ha ha I could have done with this a week ago when I went on holiday (Got back today) forgot my money and a bunch of other stuff!

    Thanks for the share


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