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So, here we have another environmentally conscious cell phone that has often been advertized as a smartphone, but it is actually a feature phone – which is the opposite of a smartphone and many people prefer the not politically correct term dumb phone. Now, even though this might have sounded a bit too harsh, the fact is that this handset was released on 12 March, and it hasn’t made a big boom. Actually, the buzz around the LG Rumor Reflex was expected to be much bigger when it was finally released, but this just didn’t happen. So, we are here today to review this cell phone, and you should think twice before you go out and get the Rumor Reflex. But, first things first – read the review and make an informed decision.

How Is the LG Rumor Reflex Eco-Friendly?

If you are trying to live in a green way, then you would probably want to get a phone that has been made out of recycled materials, right? Well, the LG Rumor Reflex is indeed and eco-friendly cell phone, but it is safe to say that it is probably not as eco-friendly as you would ideally want it to be. Namely, 31% of materials used in the making of the outside body of the Rumor Reflex are recyclable materials. If you expected more than this cell phone is probably not for you.

What Does this Cell Phone Have to Offer?

Well, if we wanted to be almost rude again, we would say not nearly as much as most of us expected from a cell phone that has been advertized so heavily. First of all, it features a physical QWERTY keyboard that slides out, which is considered by many as a drawback – as any moving part can be a problem if it is used constantly. It has a 2-megapixel camera, and a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen display with the resolution of 400 × 240 pixels and 262,144 colors. Aside from this, it also has a 1000 mAh battery that is obviously insufficient and will give you only five and a half hours of talk, while the average talk time of cell phone in this price range if around seven hours. With the weight of 133 g it is slightly above average in its range, and it also has a not-so-fast 480 MHz processor. Besides this, the Rumor Reflex has only 52 MB of internal memory, which is a very low number in this department regardless of the fact that you can use a 32 GB MicroSD memory card with the phone. When it comes to music capabilities, the phone doesn’t feature a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

So, What Is the Verdict?

Generally speaking, you should never ignore a cell phone before you get a chance to really use it and see for yourself how good or bad it is in an everyday situation. However, it is very hard to be positive when it comes to the LG Rumor Reflex, as it doesn’t have any great features – they are all either mediocre or below average. So, you are probably better off looking at some other phones, one of the best options in this price range being the Samsung Replenish.

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8 thoughts on “LG Rumor Reflex”

  1. I have already heard about LG Rumor Reflex and yeah it is really eco-friendly…I even want to have one of this…

  2. I have a dumb phone. It is a HTC Incredible and the battery is gone after checking some messages on facebook and maybe sending the odd sms around Australia and overseas. I guess that doesn’t make it dumb. It’s just a bit slow to realize that I need something that allows me to take notes. That’s why I wanted the iPhone. According to every single person I’ve met who has an iPhone, it’s much easier and simpler.

    Not sure how incredible my HTC is though. It certainly looks good. But looks aren’t everything!

  3. It’s a pity that we still haven’t moved away from these feature phones. Nokia’s reluctance to take advantage of the smartphone boom should be a lesson for others to think of producing better phones.

  4. It will always be a great challenge to design a smartphone which can be pure eco-friendly but i hope in future we can have more than 30% eco-friendly phone.

  5. Well I am an apple fan so I doubt I will ever try it out, although a friend has the LG revolution and she really likes it.

  6. Choose a phone that fits your needs, Smartphones make lives a lot easier. It is more than just a communication tool that is why a lot of people prefer to use it over regular mobile phones.

  7. From here, I came to know that From here, I came to know that LG Rumor Reflex didn’t meet the expectation of the people so this review will guide the buyers of this phone in the right direction for buying this phone or not.


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