Tips and Tricks for the Diehard Spotify User

If you’re in the majority of Internet users out there, then you probably have a Facebook account by now. And if you’re in the majority of Facebook users, then you have probably linked your Facebook with the free music sharing program called Spotify.

What Is Spotify?

Spotify is an unlimited music streaming service that lets you listen to any song you can imagine at the click of a mouse. Spotify gives you instant access to millions of music tracks that you can play and share with friends by creating unique playlists. You can create an account for free or pay to upgrade to remove advertisements or use the service on your smartphone.

Today, Spotify is cornering the music market due to its popularity, making it a near replacement for iTunes and similar music services. Namely, you can listen to music for free on Spotify and don’t have to pay to download like you do with iTunes. If you want to travel and listen to music on your smartphone, you can pay a small fee for a Spotify subscription without having to pay to download each song individually.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out, it’s time to dig a little deeper. For those of you that are already devoted to Spotify, here are some helpful tips and tricks to use to make the most out of your music experience:

1. Modify your searches. Spotify offers modifiers to help you refine your search results. This means that you can search for a specific artist by year or in a range of years. You can also modify a search by album, artist, and genre. These modifiers can be combined to help you find music tracks from a specific album from a specific artist in a few seconds flat. You can also exclude an artist from your search with the same modifiers. For example: genre:pop NOT Madonna.

2. Drag your tracks. By now, you are probably familiar with the fact that you can right-click on a track, album, or playlist to copy the link to your clipboard. You can also drag a Spotify link into another program, like an instant messenger, e-mail window, or Twitter window.

3. Create playlists even faster. If you want to turn multiple tracks into a single playlist in less time, you can CTRL and click to select multiple tracks and then right-click to open a new menu and create a new playlist. This is much faster and more efficient than dragging each track individually into a new playlist.

4. Search for artists on a certain record label. By using the label search modification, you can filter through a number of artists that have signed with a certain record label. This is a very advanced search that is difficult to find almost anywhere else in such a simple environment. For example, search, label:“XXX” to find new artists on a preferred record label.

5. Make use of the chain-link icon. Any time that you search and find a chain-link icon listed next to a track, it indicates that the track isn’t available on the selected album. But it is available on another album in the Spotify search results. Take advantage!

Guest article written by: Bethany Ramos is a full-time freelance writer that co-owns her own e-commerce website, The Coffee Bump. The Coffee Bump specializes in a wide variety of Bunn coffee makers and assorted coffee and espresso products.

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  1. I’ve used Spotify for around two years now and have finally given in to the unlimited account after using the free one for so long… Some really good tips here and some that I wasn’t aware of! Thanks!

  2. I am also the lover of the music. It is very good music platform for the smartphone users who can able to listen music online with just making free account.


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