Apple: Mac OS X Mountain Lion – coming this Summer!

Apple has updated their website with a sneak peak of some of the stuff in the next release of OS X, which will be OS X 10.8, or also known as “Mountain Lion”, pretty cool name.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Inspired by iPad (iOS)
  • Messages
  • Notification Center
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Game Center
  • Twitter
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Gatekeeper

Basically, they’re merging OS X and iOS more and more together. Personally I don’t mind that they add features from iOS etc., as long as they don’t make OS X a closed system the way iOS is. I think it’s good enough that iOS is closed on the mobile, for safety reasons among others, but I don’t want my desktop to be that closed. But there’s no indication that it’s going to happen, at least not with the Mountain Lion release, so not to worry.

As for Messages, you can actually already download a BETA version of Messages (link above), which enabled you to send free messages to iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads through iMessage, including files.

More about Apple to bring iPhone, iPad features to Mac on The Wall Street Journal which also features an interview with Apple CEO, Tim Cook.

Here’s a 2-minute video showing some of the new stuff in Mac OS X “Mountain Lion”:

9 thoughts on “Apple: Mac OS X Mountain Lion – coming this Summer!”

  1. I look forward to this. As a super user, I agree with you that I hope they don’t close it off like they do with iOS.

  2. I sure like it when the upgrade has some REAL changes and not just tweaks. At least Apple keeps these fairly inexepensive!

  3. The world’s most advanced desktop operating system includes new features that’ll change the way you interact with your Mac and i.e. Apple Mac OS. I would really love to buy it.

  4. Yes, it’s such a pretty cool name. Where did they get the “mountain lion” name? It’s very unconventional for an OS name.

    Thanks for the video up there!


  5. I can’t wait to have it! I have the Snow Leo on my laptop but I think it’s time to upgrade for the Mountain Lion! This seems to be really nice.

  6. I wouldn’t really call it a new operating system, just apps from the iOS onto the mac which you can get a similar or better app for on the Mac Store. and IMO
    If this is all Apple can do without Steve Jobs, well I have to say I am a bit disappointed…

  7. Since purchasing a macbook Air running Lion for Xmas I’m hooked. I was surprised and pleased that Apple have integrated some iOS features like deleting apps by making them “jiggle” and pressing the x. I’m pleased to see other features will be added “Inspired” by iOS. Just a thought, why didn’t Samsung say they were “inspired” by the iPad, might have saved Apple taking them to court for “bluntly copying” the iPad!

  8. Apple looks like its years ahead of the pack. Mac’s are behaving like their other gadgets iPod and iPhone. At this pace they have already defined another market for themselves.


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