The 7 Most Annoying Video Game Cheats


We’re all familiar with how people cheat on video games. Even during the earlier years of consoles, they have already existed. They provide players respite from very difficult levels or hard-to-beat adversaries. However, not all of them are useful…
There are some cheats that are just downright annoying. In fact, you’d even wonder why they were made to begin with!

If you aren’t in the know about what cheats I’m referring to, then you ought to check this out:

1. Riots in Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is known for its interesting missions although many believe what’s more exciting about it is the chaos. Being a troublemaker in the game can be a lot of fun—supposedly.

Using the two notorious chaos cheats “Crazy Pedestrians” and “Pedestrians Have Weapons” sounds really exciting until you realize how you can’t handle the chaos.

These cheats cannot be turned off. Ever! That’s why you have to remember never to save your game after activating these cheats. Not even turning the game off will stop the chaos they cause. If you still want to enjoy the “standard,” relatively less chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto, you have to think twice before using these cheats.

2. Invincible by Your Lonesome in Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 is an online game so not many would expect it to feature cheats. But it does have a cheat (invincibility) that completely obliterates the spirit of team playing. Once the invincibility cheat is activated, the system drops your team’s remaining tickets in a big way. This means that as you become invincible, the certainty that your team perishes in a matter of minutes becomes a given.

Yes, you can have reduce your level of vulnerability in the game. Just be prepared to pay some heavy price: your team. Enjoy facing those Nazis alone!

3. Loan Gods and Loan Sharks in SimCity

The original 1989 SimCity, one of the pioneers of the city-building game genre, provided the option to cheat but not without repercussions. By holding down the Shift key and typing “FUND,” the game provides a player cash. However, the SimCity universe gods are apparently unhappy with this that they send tons of natural disasters on a player. Essentially, the supposed advantage of the cash cheat is wiped out.

SimCity 2000 has a similar onerous setup. This time, it’s no longer being classified as a cheat. The “FUND” code is used without holding the Shift key. However, instead of natural disasters, the game imposes a hefty 25% interest rate on the amount cheated.

4. Banjo-Kazooie: Making Cheating Even More Difficult than the Actual Game

Cheating this game is a complete waste of time. Unless you have the most dexterous video gaming hands around, you will probably end up getting completely frustrated by the attempt to cheat. Inputting cheats in this game is made really difficult by the extraordinarily lengthy cheat codes and the crazy order of letters on the keypad. Also, if you misspell the code, get ready to start the game all over again.

5. Cheating for Money in Zoo Tycoon Sets Animals Free

Unlike Banjo-Kazooie’s approach, cheating for money in Zoo Tycoon is made really simple. It’s even simpler than most PvZ cheats and tricks at [tp lang=”en” only=”y”][/tp][tp not_in=”en”][/tp]. By keying in the number “4” or “$” while holding down the Shift key, you can cheat for money in the game. The amount is not that huge though to allow you to cheat only once. You will likely cheat at least a few more times.

There lies the rub. After using the cheat every few times, your zoo’s animal enclosures get damaged, setting your animals free. Well, if you enjoy the brutal rampage, it may not be a bad consequence of cheating.

6. The Non-Need to Collect Halo 3 Skulls

If you’re one of those who are looking for tricks or guides on obtaining skulls in Halo, it may be time to rethink your priorities. Halo is arguably one of the coolest games ever. It’s just a shame how some players resort to cheating (for information) to collect skulls that are rarely used or simply senseless when actually used.

7. Silly Mirror Mode in Many Games

Seriously, why do you have to have a hidden mirror mode and actually use it? This is not uncommon for a number of games. Does the new perspective mean anything? Does it improve your skills? It does not even make the game look and feel different so it’s completely useless going mirror mode.

Players usually cheat because they find it desperately necessary. It’s certainly not worth cheating when the results do not change the status quo or even worsens the situation. Try the cheats mentioned above and notice how you would regret doing so or even loathe the thought of these cheats’ very existence.

Guest article written by: Jimmy R is a self-confessed video game addict. He knows a great deal about online games, tips, and cheats! If you share the same passion, then you HAVE GOT to contact him!

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