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by Guest Author on June 12, 2013

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Android has now turned out to be the best operating system for mobile phones in the world though US is an exception where Apple still rules the market, but otherwise Android is a global leader. Nowadays, when it comes to  buying a new handset one of the first and foremost criterions that matter to the masses is the operating system, and now off late, Android seems to be a necessary factor for almost anyone who would want to buy a new handset.

Now that the Android fever has gone viral, companies are trying their best to manufacture Android phones so as to appeal to the masses and thus garner profits for the company itself and effort is made by the small scale Indian companies like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava as well.

Micromax is now one of the leading brands in the Indian market. Though it doesn’t stand a chance against the Global leader Samsung, Micromax did make an effort to make Android cheaper with the Micromax Bolt A62.

The Micromax Bolt A62 is one of the latest products by Micromax; it was released in the month of April, in this year. The phone is just a normal one with ordinary features nothing great to flaunt about. The phone sports a smart 3.95 inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 320×480 pixels and 140 pixels per inch.  This isn’t a great configuration to handle, it is in fact troublesome as the screen is small and the resolution will not let you watch videos at ease.


The Micromax Bolt A62 is powered by the Google’s operating system for Android Version 2.3 Gingerbread, backed by a 1 GHz processor. A huge drawback again, the Gingerbread is an outdated version of Android and there have been issues with this version of Google’s Android, three have been complaints that the system hangs very often causing a lot of inconvenience, it is quite strange that Micromax roped in this operating system.

The camera is not anything great either, the Micromax Bolt A62 sports a 2MP primary camera with a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels, it does allow video recording in HD but the camera is not strong enough, 2MP is almost equal to nothing.

Connectivity wise the Micromax Bolt A62 is a winner as it supports GPRS and EDGE and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Wi-Fi hotspot as well. It is also enabled with Bluetooth version 2.0 and USB connectivity.

The battery backup is also fails miserably in the Micromax Bolt A62, it provides a back-up of just 4 hours on talk time, that would be impossible to handle, you would definitely frustrated if have to make dash for the charging point every four hours and besides this is not what is expected from the handsets being manufactured in this period of time, where the people are in eagerly waiting for mobile phones to run on better battery.

The Micromax Bolt A62 is Dual SIM phone, that seems to be the only feature that stands out from the rest in the phone, otherwise this does not stand anywhere close to be categorized as decent Android Phone.


The price is only catch here, the phone is tagged at a price of Rs.5000/-, (US$86) and carries the caption and the Micromax Bolt A62 has made Android cheaper. When you consider the facts, this phone is a huge failure as it does seem to be worth the try even if you are testing each feature individually. There is nothing in the phone that is worth the giving a hand.

The Micromax Bolt A62might disappointment many as it does not feature even a single specification that would make a user go for a purchase. In this ear, where people are waiting to get an upgrade for their Android operating system as there are rumors flowing in that the Android version 4.3 is paving its way into the market, the Micromax Bolt A62 features an outdated version of the system, the Gingerbread, that is not something that is expected from a company like Micromax which is on the other hand proving to be a huge competitor in the market for the excellence they are projecting with the Micromax Canvas series.

The camera is also not that great, who would want to own a phone with a 2MP camera today, yes the fact that there may be less mobile phone camera enthusiast here for there are amazing cameras in the market, but then when your phone sports a camera you would eventually end snapping some pictures, but with this camera the experience may be really unsatisfactory. Yes, you can record HD videos on the phone but what is the whole idea here, recording HD videos on a 2MP camera? What logic is the company trying to portray here?

Another disastrous move from the company with the Micromax Bolt A62, is the battery, it is quite evident that you would put the phone away when you realize that the phone offers a batter backup of hardly 4 hours. In this period of time where every second seems to be harder than the next one, a phone that provides a battery backup of four hours in frustrating and irritating. You would not have the patience to sustain the phone for a long time. The battery backup on standby is also hardly 120 hours.

All in all the Micromax Bolt A62 is not impressive at all; it is just a compilation of the most outdated product put together as a model called the Micromax Bolt A62. Though it is tagged at the price of Rs.5000/- it is still not worth buying the phone is basically next to nothing.


You might have to spend more on the after sales services for the phone provided the outdated operating system it is mounted on. Coming to the after sales service factor, you are aware how reliable is Micromax. You would have you go on a marathon to find service centers for your Micromax Bolt A62 and the private servicemen would charge a bomb as the Micromax products are not available.

Concluding the Micromax Bolt A62, is not worth a thought, if budget is your criterion there are several other phones that perform better than the Micromax Bolt.

Guest article written by: Julia. She wrote several tech posts for 91mobiles.com. Check out the [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]micromax a62 price[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]micromax a62 price[/tp] in India. Her passion for upgrading her knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time.


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