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by Emily on October 31, 2014

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cleaningThe cleaning of the home can be more problematic than you think, especially when you never have enough time or when you can’t organise your schedule properly. Thankfully, in today’s modern age can be found all kinds of ways to improve our skills and to motive ourselves to handle our chores better. The mobile apps which we ordinarily use for fun can be very helpful with the solving of the cleaning problems as well. You just have to find the right one which works best for your needs and phone, and the sanitation of your home will become easier than ever.

When we talk about cleaning, there are many things which can go wrong. The dynamic life which you lead probably deprives you from enough time to throw out the garbage, to clean the kitchen appliances or to wash the dishes in the sink. It is easy to forget about these and your other cleaning responsibilities but with the modern technologies you can solve this problem. It is not so hard to fit all of your cleaning tasks into your busy schedule. With the proper app you will be able to organise your days more efficiently and still find some time for fun and relaxing activities, advise you from Spartkling Carpets Kidbrooke.

There are many apps you can find which can assist you with the cleaning problems. However, you need to choose the one which is suitable for the model of your phone and for your personal needs. In order to do that, you can get familiar with the main functions and possibilities of some popular apps which we will present in the following list.

HomeRoutines – Cleaning regularly is the best way to avoid the big mess in your home. If you create your own routine which you can follow, you will discover that the cleaning and good maintaining of your property is not such a hard job. There is an app called HomeRoutines which is based on this simple principle. By dividing your entire house into zones, this app makes sure that you don’t miss anything and that you devote enough of your time to all parts of your property. You can designate specific cleaning tasks for each day and check them on a regular basis.

EpicWinFor most people the cleaning is not just hard but also very boring activity. With the app called EpicWin those things will change. If you like to play games, then this interesting app will become your favourite. It gives you a chance to create your own avatar which will be later sent on a special quest, filled with different cleaning tasks you will enter yourself. Every completed task will give to your avatar points and will provide it with various useful items along the way.

Chorma – This is a very nice app which will help you get organised very easy. If you don’t live alone, then Chorma is the most suitable app for you. Whether you have a roommate or you just want to fairly divide the cleaning chores between you and your husband, Chorma is the best possible solution. It is not complicated and it gives you the opportunity to designate specific tasks to different people. The ones for the day are coloured in orange, so there is no way you can miss them. Each completed task brings to you or your partner points and everything is organised to the last cleaning job.

You will see that using apps is not only more fun but also more practical. With their help you eliminate the risk of forgetting something important and you can also let someone else pitch in. You don’t need the boring list any more because there are so many fun apps which you simply have to try.

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