Taking A Look At A Few Web Hosting Myths

webhosting-serverWeb hosting is a serious business today and with the growing competition in the field, companies are coming up with variant marketing techniques not only to lure more consumers but to retain old ones as well. However, if you’re completely new to this world, then there are chances of you being immediately confounded with a number of claims regarding how easy and convenient it is to use web hosting services. Quite understandable! Each type of [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]web hosting services[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]web hosting services[/tp] comes with its own advantages and ease of use. But there is no reason to buy everything that the companies have to claim. Do not believe claims that suggest that you don’t have to do much after paying the money- that you can jolly well have someone handle it.

This is one of the biggest myths in the web hosting world. Web hosting is not something that can be contracted out. Instead try it yourself. The dummy proof control panels rich with features now make it easier than ever for beginners to secure web hosting for their websites. The difficult part is to come up with the site idea. Once you’re done with the site idea, then you can concentrate on web hosting. Read on to know more about the prevalent web hosting myths.

Good web hosting services are not available at anything below $ 5 per month. There are some good sites that offer services even at $2 per month. And before you start conjecturing too much about the obvious discrepancy between price and quality of service, do know for a fact that there’s a valid reason why good web hosts can provide these services at such lower prices. Most of the web hosts charge the entire amount of subscription upfront that aids them to reserve more revenue and profit. Additionally, the technology associated with web hosting is getting cheaper by days.

Another myth associated with web hosting is built on the premise of the use of the popular blogging platform WordPress. There are many who believe that bigger companies do not make use of this platform. This is not true. In fact, school and university website developers are increasingly turning to this platform. These websites involve quite a complex functionality and require managing a good deal of integrated content. There are a lot of huge companies across the globes that are using WordPress every minute per day. To know more about WordPress hosting, please visit [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]www.cybercompare.net[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]www.cybercompare.net[/tp]

The concept of unlimited hosting is perhaps the biggest myth. The promises are big– unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and unlimited add-on domains. But are all these claims true? No. Please remember that the server performance resources are actually limited. There are full chances of your hosting account being suspended if you over utilize the CPU resources. It is essential to select a reliable host as well.

Please be aware of the fact that even good web hosts can garner negative reviews. So even if you’re consulting online reviews before choosing your preferred web hosting service provider, there’s simply no logic to rule out a web host from your list solely because it has just one or two bad online reviews. To know more about it visit www.goodwebhosts.com

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