How Do SharePoint Intranet Solutions Help In Marketing?

sharepointThe immensely competitive commercial milieu has made it necessary for businesses to adopt a framework that allows its members to collaborate and communicate with several different departments within the organization as well as with outside vendors. This stands especially true for the marketing department that is in charge of constant communication with the several segments of the organization as well as with other companies in order to ensure that only best collateral, images and collateral are employed by the company. Microsoft’s SharePoint Intranet solutions can actually help your team in that regard by acting as the one stop shop for all your employees to share crucial market files like approved marketing images, collateral etc. These Intranet solutions ensure more regulated marketing collaboration and management across all the business departments.

A good look at sites like Nexus and would acquaint you with details about SharePoint Intranet services. But before that, let’s delve in to its fundamental benefits here.

How is SharePoint Beneficial for the Marketing Team?

Marketing Collateral: The Company’s SharePoint intranet can store each of your up-to-date marketing one-pagers brochures and other important collateral in the form of Word Doc or PDF. Information documentation thus becomes immensely easier as you are actually storing information as to how the business operates, in a single and conveniently accessible place. You can tag and properly classify the available data so that your marketing strategies become easily comprehensible by your employees. You can also version the documents in order to ensure that your team is actually checking out the latest version of the same.

Meeting Times: Taking on from the aforementioned point, we should mention that now that it has become so easy to share your strategies with your team by creating discussion boards, you can jolly well invest lesser time in conducting arduous meetings. The document thus stored is easily searchable for future references.

PowerPoint Slides: Slide Library is one of the default list type templates available in SharePoint. This enables you to create a central location for all your team members to access the slides and reuse the same in future representations.

Faster Accessibility of Information: SharePoint enables you to access content, images and other collateral by conducting a very simple search. SharePoint 2013 backs a much faster and focused search.

Marketing Videos: Explore the endless potential of marketing videos by means of the use of SharePoint’s Media Web Part. This one allows you to integrate marketing videos easily to the Intranet site to pass on essential information to the employees as they can easily access it.

Lower Admin Costs: The chances of repetitive administration tasks are lowered as such chances of increased man hour on the same are also reduced. For instance, one of your employees requires a half day. The information regarding the same would be sent to the management via SharePoint and a decision would be taken then and there. Similarly, the Intranet itself can act as a notice board relaying all important information to the employees. You just have to ensure that none has been excluded from the loop unwittingly.


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