Reasons to use cloud ePOS software

by Emily on July 9, 2014

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pos-shop-systemWhen shopping for an electronic point of sale system for your business, one important decision that you will have to make is whether or not to use cloud ePOS software. The difference between regular and cloud-based ePOS applications is that in the first category, the software is installed directly onto the computer that you are using, and your data is stored on the same hardware, the applications are hosted on a remote server, and you access them by using a web browser.

There are many additional benefits to using software that is based in the cloud that make it a logical choice for businesses that want to stay on the cutting-edge of technology. Here are some of the advantages of using cloud-based ePOS software over a traditional ePOS system.

Access to your information from anywhere

By having your ePOS hosted in the cloud, your data will be easier to access no matter what part of the world that you are in. Whether you need to work from home or print a financial report while on vacation, all of your important information will always be at your fingertips.

Lower costs to maintain

The aforementioned elimination of having to do multiple installations on many computers is just one of the many ways that using a cloud ePOS can save your business money. You will also see your hardware, electricity and tech support costs go down, as storing your data and software remotely removes the burden from your company.

More options for unique industries

It is now easier than ever to produce software and put it into the marketplace, the development of applications for niche and unique businesses has increased. This means that no company has to worry about their industry being underrepresented and they too can reap the benefits of using a cloud-based ePOS system.

Your data is safe and secure

With your important information stored remotely, you’ll never have to worry about losing priceless customer data due to a hard drive crash or other catastrophe. Often there will be options for having multiple backups of your data created, as your information can never be too safe.

The Latest Software

It can receive the latest software update the moment it is available, which can save store owners a lot of time and effort. It guarantees customers and owners the highest level of security.

Advantages of using a cloud ePOS over a traditional system includes better integration with mobile systems, easy scalability and more options for smaller businesses. Your company will spend less money, more features will be at your disposal and your data will be safer and more accessible. It is designed to be simple to use and can be used after very little training. Most include additional benefits, such as a time clock and an employee messaging system that will make other aspects of store operations easier as well. With such utility and simplicity, [tp lang=”en” only=”y”]the future of ePOS is in the Cloud[/tp][tp not_in=”en”]the future of ePOS is in the Cloud[/tp].

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