5 apps to take your small business’s productivity to the next level

In this day and age, we have an app for literally anything. It is incredible to think how a small amount of code can help increase the productivity for not only a business, but daily life activities as well. Day by day, we are being introduced to apps with new and innovative features that let us explore new ways of communication as well as organization.


When we consider productivity, it involves different aspects such as the time taken to complete tasks, delegation of tasks to different workers, organization of resources, as well as the overall supervision or management that is required in order to run the business smoothly. The usability of apps for these purposes can allow small business to take their productivity game up a notch because effectiveness and efficiency is key.

There have been many apps in the past that have changed the way we perform our tasks. Some of them include Skype, video and conference calling with family members as well as employees, Whatsapp, groups, audio and video messages – and obviously, the emoji! AirG’s Hookt and other privacy as top priority apps to provide us with a safe environment to share our media and messages on. Many user reviews outline that productivity and communication apps are always a popular choice.

Here are 5 apps to boost your business’s productivity:

1. Clear

With an eye catching and colorful interface, clear can be your number one to-do-list app. It is so simple and perfect for people who want to neatly organize their tasks for any aspect of their business. There are options through which you can maintain tasks under different lists, such as ‘Personal list’ or ‘Tasks for the new app design’, anything that you would like to divide your business tasks into. It is also possible to synchronize them through any cloud service which can allow your team members or employees to be productive anywhere, anytime. The gestures are as simple as pulling down for adding a new task, and swiping right to cross out the tasks that have been already completed.

2. Addappt

This app can be considered a virtual address book, which allows your business members to update all their contact information in your personal address book. If one of your co-workers or important clients change their contact information, this form of self-maintaining social media can easily enable all members to view the changes and remain up to date. This will come very handy while making calls, sending out messages to clients, or dispatching parcels to correct addresses by saving time and effort.

3. RescueTime

RescueTime is a sort of self-actualization tool, which can enable the person to monitor exactly how much time they spend on apps or websites. The whole idea is to be aware of how you can be more productive through understand which app or website is the most distracting for you. We all know that the internet is distracting, and it is one of the biggest enemies of productivity. You and your employees can assess where you need to cutback and prioritize work tasks over pleasure activities. The paid version of this app comes with alerts, and the ability to block distracting websites from your browser.

4. Slack

Slack enables you to organize all your contacts or conversations into separate channels, which could be either private or public. The fast and easy drag drop features can allows people to share images, documents, and other media without much hassle. For every sent or received item, there is an archive index available so that it is easy to keep a track of whatever is going on. An unlimited amount of people can be added to the app without a hassle.

5. Expensify

The monetary aspect of a business is extremely important when it comes to efficiency. Most people consider keeping track of expenses as an extremely frustrating job. This app can easily allow you to link your credit or debit card with your account at Expensify so that all your transactions can be outlined into a detailed expense report. Another option is to take pictures of all your receipts so that Expensify can extract all the relevant information it needs in order to fill an expense report. It is much faster and efficient than a traditional bank statement and can help your business stay on track in terms of the money that they are spending.

Guest article written by: Alma Causey is a freelancer and blog writer. She writes articles related to technology. A writer by day and reader by night. Her passion is to help people in all aspect of research industry. Find her on Twitter: @Almacausey

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